Family members quarrel endlessly, which may be the problem of residential Feng Shui

The quality of family transportation is the key to affecting the family life. If the family transportation is prosperous, the family life will be better. On the contrary, if the family transportation is declining, the family life will be difficult. The quality of residential feng shui will directly affect the prosperity and decline of home transportation. Therefore, if you want your family to live a good life, you need to pay attention to strengthening residential Feng Shui. When these situations occur at home, feng shui will be destroyed, resulting in frequent contradictions and disputes at home, family discord and difficult prosperity

first, the stove is damaged

in the introduction of Feng Shui, the Feng Shui function of the stove has three points: one is related to wealth, the other is related to health, and the third is related to family harmony. Therefore, when the stove is damaged, these three aspects will be affected, and then there will always be contradictions in the family, family relations, quarrels and contradictions

II. The table is dirty and messy

the table is the place where families eat. Generally speaking, the Feng Shui and Qi affected by the table are health on the one hand and family harmony on the other. Therefore, if the dining table is always dirty and messy, if you don’t pay attention to hygiene, there will be the formation of filth, which will destroy the luck of these two aspects. When there are problems in the health of the family, the family relationship will also become very chaotic, and there will always be quarrels, leading to family discord

III. wall crack

generally, the wall is damaged or cracked in the house, which will also damage the family Feng Shui, and the main impact is the family relationship. The cracks on the wall are the same as the relationship between family members. There are cracks and the relationship between husband and wife is broken. Therefore, when this happens, we must repair the wall this morning, otherwise the family will break in the long run

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