How to resolve the sharp corner of the living room

Due to the reasons of architectural design, there are sharp corners and beams and columns in the living room of many modern houses, which are not very beautiful and will put pressure on the residents. From the perspective of residential aesthetics, we should pay more attention to the design and decoration to make it harmonious with the overall effect of room decoration. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the following methods can be used to resolve sharp corners:

  • ① Placing the fish tank at the sharp corner of the living room is a good way to resolve, because the water of the fish tank can reduce the pressure of the sharp corner and make the air of the corner have room for maneuver, which is not only in line with the way of Feng Shui, but also beautify the home landscape.
  • ② Use wood to fill the sharp corners. If the sharp corners are completely covered with wood, and then a landscape traditional Chinese painting is hung on the new wooden wall, preferably the sunrise of Huashan Mountain, to suppress the sharp corners with high mountains. In this way, it is both beautiful and effective.
  • ③ placing a pot of tall and dense evergreen plants at the sharp corner can also effectively reduce the impact of the sharp corner on the feng shui of the living room.
  • ④ Design the cabinet body and fill the sharp corners, either high cabinet or low cabinet.
  • ⑤ Empty the middle part of the sharp corner, set up an arc multi-layer wooden flower table, put several pots of fresh plants and trinkets, and install spotlights for lighting. This also makes it a scenic spot at home.

In Feng Shui, sharp corners in your living room can create negative energy and lead to feelings of unease or discomfort. These corners can create what is known as “poison arrows,” sharp energy that can cause stress and tension. To minimize the negative effects of sharp corners, consider the following tips:

  • Soften the sharp corner by placing a plant in front of it. Plants are natural energetically supportive elements that can defuse energy.
  • You can also place curtains or draperies to soften the influence of the sharp corner. Hang decorative curtain ties or place a decor piece at the corner to divert the negative energy.
  • Consider using furniture that is curved or has rounded edges to soften the sharp corners. You may also place cushions or pillows at the sharp corners of your sofa.
  • A large area rug with a vibrant or harmonious pattern that is properly sized for your living room can help to define the space and detract focus from sharp angles.
  • In Feng Shui, it is also suggested to use crystals such as rose quartz placed on the sharp angled edges to transform the negative energy and enhance positivity and harmony. Rose quartz is known for its energy of love, joy, and healing.

The point is to make the sharp corner less noticeable, break the energy that is coming from the corner to help maintain the flow of energy in the room.

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