What’s particular about the direction of the balcony

Balcony is the most open and vast place in the house, which is closest to nature. Traditional Feng Shui believes that the balcony absorbs the sunshine, air and rain outside the house, which is the place where the house receives gas. For the feng shui of the whole house, the balcony plays a very important role, so we must follow a certain ” Feng Shui rule ”

the reason why some balconies make people feel comfortable and comfortable is precisely because of their good orientation, wide vision and good lighting and ventilation. Therefore, they are full of vitality and vitality, making people feel comfortable in harmony with nature

generally speaking, the orientation of the balcony is better towards the east or south. The balcony faces the East, as the ancients said, ” Purple comes from the East;. The so-called ” Purple Gas ” ; It’s auspicious. Auspicious Qi enters the house through the balcony, and the family must be auspicious and safe. And the sunrise in the East, the sun can shine into the balcony early in the morning, the whole house looks bright and warm, and the whole family is in good spirits

as for the balcony facing south, there is a saying ” The wind comes from the south” Fumigation ” ; Warm and pleasant, intoxicating, and excellent in Feng Shui. Nowadays, houses with balconies facing Southeast are generally more expensive. It can be seen that everyone knows that balconies facing south or East are great ” Feng Shui ” ; Unit

if the balcony faces to the north, the biggest disadvantage is that the cold wind in winter will affect people’s mood. In addition, if the warm keeping equipment is insufficient, it is very easy to make people sick

it is even more inappropriate for the balcony to face the West. It is exposed to the sun every day, and the heat still does not dissipate at night, which will affect the health of the whole family

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