What color is the most suitable for the study

The color of the study is also one of the important factors affecting the feng shui of the study. Good color matching can increase the effect of transportation. On the contrary, bad color matching will destroy the feng shui of the room. The color of the room is closely related to the five elements. Among the five elements, cyan and green belong to wood, yellow and coffee belong to soil, red, purple and pink belong to fire, white, gray and metal belong to gold, and black belongs to water

in the study decoration, it can be matched according to the principles of five elements wood generating fire, fire generating soil, native gold, gold generating water and aquatic wood. For example, the floor adopts yellow wood floor. According to the principle of native gold, the wall can choose white or gray paint

but it should be noted that when decorating the study, do not use bright red and green or colorful colors, which will interfere with the reader’s line of sight and make it difficult for him to concentrate. Moreover, if the color is too bright and warm, it will also form a bad spirit and collide with his family

the study should choose light colors such as white, sky blue, green and light yellow to give people a quiet and comfortable feeling. At the same time, it is also more eye-friendly. It is suitable for protecting eyes during rest during study