Why can’t the door of the bathroom face the stairs

Feng Shui believes that if the door of the bathroom at home is facing the stairs, whether the stairs are up or down, it is an unlucky symbol.

If the door of the bathroom in the home is facing the upward stairs, the gas rushing down the stairs will rush into the bathroom, which is easy to cause the accumulation of foul gas in the bathroom and difficult to disperse. Over a long period of time, bacteria will certainly breed, which will damage the health and fortune of the family.

If the door of the bathroom is facing the downward stairs, it will lead to the direct discharge of the foul gas in the bathroom and may flow to all parts of the house, which will also damage the health and fortune of the family.

How to deal with the pattern of bathroom door fixing stairs?

The layout of a room is generally difficult to change, and we can use the following methods to address unfavorable factors in feng shui.

Hang a curtain on the door

If there is such a pattern in your home, the simplest solution is to buy a door curtain and hang it on the door, which can achieve a blocking effect. The door curtain is held at the entrance of the bathroom, and bad luck can be blocked in the bathroom without flowing onto the stairs. The stairs have no bad luck, and naturally they will not bring bad luck into other rooms, which will not affect the feng shui at home.

Placing plants by the door

In addition to hanging curtains, plants can also be placed on both sides of the bathroom door. Plants are commonly used to improve feng shui, not only improving the indoor environment, but also improving feng shui. Placing plants in this area can absorb the mold it emits and prevent it from affecting the atmosphere of the stairs. You can choose some tall and robust plants to put here.

Hanging Five Emperors’ Coins

The Five Emperors’ coins are very practical in feng shui, and their greatest function is to ward off evil spirits. The toilet is often filled with bad luck. Actually, this is also a kind of evil energy. If you are worried that these bad luck will affect feng shui, you can hang five emperor coins on the bathroom door to resolve the bad luck. Moreover, the money of the Five Emperors itself can improve the feng shui environment, which is an auspicious thing.

Keep the toilet clean

The bathroom is a place where bad luck occurs at home. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, bad luck will continue to accumulate. At this point, if its door is facing the stairs, bad luck will enter the room. To reduce the occurrence of bad luck, it is necessary to keep the space clean in order to avoid a large amount of bad luck. In addition, you can also place some coarse salt at the bathroom entrance to reduce its impact on feng shui.

From above, we can know that if the bathroom door is facing the stairs, it will be unfavorable for luck, so it is best to avoid this situation in the early design. If unavoidable, the above methods can be adopted to improve and compensate for potential feng shui issues.

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