How do people who avoid fire in five elements use computers

The computer is a very hot thing, and the fire in the five elements is very prosperous. In modern families, the computer is almost a necessary thing. It seems that children’s study or adults’ work are increasingly inseparable from the computer. So people who avoid fire in the five elements can’t use the computer? Don’t forget that Feng Shui itself can be changed. People who avoid fire in the five elements can use computers safely and safely by changing Feng Shui

generally, those who belong to fire, fire and water shortage in the five elements belong to those who avoid fire. When using the computer, they should find ways to increase the water in the five elements. First of all, you can put a vase on the table. It is best to put a few Fugui bamboo or sweet scented osmanthus branches in the bottle. These two plants are most conducive to Wenchang transportation, and the clear water in the bottle can also play the role of reducing fire; Even if nothing is inserted in the vase, remember to put a small half bottle of water. It’s best to change the water in the bottle every day

secondly, for the computer itself to reduce fire, first choose the black or blue computer, and then the computer screen. It is best to use the pictures of the sea, rivers, glaciers or aquatic organisms as the desktop. These colors and five elements of the pictures belong to water and can also play a certain role in reducing fire

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