How to set up a suitable Wenchang bed for yourself

Before looking for the Wenchang position, you need to find the Wenchang position in the room. This position needs to be found with the knowledge of flying stars

first, of course, use the compass to find the sitting side and direction of the house. The specific measurement method is as follows:

put the compass flat in front of the chest and start the measurement towards the house at a place 7 footprints away from the house. When the North compass on the compass overlaps, you can know the sitting direction of the house. Divide the residence into nine palaces to find out the flying star flying and falling state in different areas. Generally speaking, Wenchang in a house must not let their children live in it. Because this is the house of the head of the family, children can’t afford it. Living inside is easy to get sick and injured. In the twenty-four kinds of houses in twenty-four mountains, take ” One, four, the same Palace ” ; (that is, one white star and four green stars in the same palace) is a house that can be prosperous and prosperous

the house sits in the ugly mountain, not in the gen mountain, Kun direction

in the northwest corner and southeast corner of Wenchang

suitable gender for men and women

in the 20 years of the Eighth National Games (2004-2023), 24 houses ” One, four, the same Palace ” ; The residence can be called Wenchang residence. From the above table, we can see that in the Eighth National Games, there are two kinds of sitting houses with natural Wenchang position, which is very helpful to study ” Wenchang residence ” ;. For example, if there is a room in the northwest corner of the house, allowing children to study in this room can greatly help Wenchang’s prosperity. At the same time, putting the child’s bed in the northwest corner of the room is to place a Wenchang bed for him, which can help his studies more

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