What are the Feng Shui taboos on the desk

The square space on the desk has a great impact on students’ Wenchang position. Why? The desk is a place for study and work. It belongs to mental work. The top of the desk is facing the head of people. If there are any unlucky items, it will affect the exertion of personal talents. The following conditions should not appear above the desk:

beam: the top of the beam may appear in many places in the house, and other places can play a certain role in dissolving evil spirits. However, as soon as the desk is under the beam and the head is suppressed, how can you read into the book

electric light: the desk cannot be placed directly against the ceiling chandelier, and the light is directly on the top of the head, which will only make people feel nervous and stimulate their eyes, which is difficult to arouse the spark of wisdom

fan: if the fan is set on the roof, the desk must not face the fan directly. The cold wind blows on the top of the head. It is easy to have a headache. The air field around the brain is unlucky. How can Wen Changyun prosper

circular or triangular pattern: the circular pattern facing the top of the head is easy to make people restless; Triangle pattern is a pattern with evil spirit. If it is facing the top of the head, it will make people think slowly and lose memory

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