Taboo orientation of Feng Shui layout in study

In addition to the four auspicious directions, the taboo directions of Feng Shui layout in the study should also be noted that there are four evil directions to avoid as far as possible:

(1) Li Fang (in the South), and Li Gua belongs to fire. This direction has sufficient sunshine and too heavy Yang, which will make people irritable and uneasy. It is not easy to calm down to study and study, which will easily lead to numerous thoughts. In Feng Shui, it is also easy to do things from left to right, which is easy to produce extremes, Conflicts with relatives are constant, alienated and difficult to communicate. If the study is located in this direction, it can be adjusted by thick curtain shading

It is not suitable for reading and writing

(3) Dufang (western position), the west is where the sunset shines. In the afternoon, the sun is strong, which is not suitable for reading and writing. It also has a feeling of dusk in Feng Shui, which has an impact on young people’s pursuit of knowledge and study

(4) Gen Fang (northeast direction), which is used as a study, is actually relatively stable and calm, but it should be noted that reading here will cause disorderly reading or forgetting to eat and sleep. In Feng Shui, because the weight in the northeast direction is large, it will put pressure on people and make people feel out of breath. Therefore, it is best not to set the study in this position

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