What about Feng Shui and color in the kitchen

Different colors will form different Feng Shui, and different feng shui will bring us different fortune. Therefore, we must pay attention to some Feng Shui and stress in the kitchen. After all, these are the root of our fortune. Therefore, in order to consider our own fortune, we have to pay attention to these related Feng Shui. What’s the stress on Feng Shui and color in the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

some home kitchen stoves are placed in unlucky places. One is that they can be dissolved with color. The color of the kitchen and the color on the ground should match the color of the home. The color of the kitchen can be white or light yellow. It is forbidden to use red in the kitchen. Red will make people feel impatient and play a reverse role. For example, the kitchen wall is white and milky yellow. No matter what kind of cabinet it is, it is better to match it; The ground is better matched with light yellow and milky white bricks. The stove can be black or milky white. Because the kitchen is a clean place and needs light, it should be bright when matched with the whole wall. Because only white and cream will make people feel clean and comfortable. Green is not suitable for use

from the perspective of hygiene, the kitchen is the place to cook. White can at least indicate that the hygiene is in good condition. You can eat safely, just like the clothes of hotel chefs are white. If chefs are asked to wear black robes, will the food brought up make us feel at a loss and dare not eat

the color of the kitchen is related to people’s appetite. Of course, the color of the kitchen will exert a subtle influence on people, although you may not be aware of it. In fact, many colors are related to people’s emotions and can mobilize people’s corresponding emotions. No matter what emotion is mobilized, people’s appetite will be inhibited. Only white, the cleanest and purest, has nothing to do with any emotion, so it will not interfere with appetite

Feng Shui matching of kitchen colors belonging to water in the five elements: blue, black and gray; The kitchen color Feng Shui matching of fire in the five elements: pink, orange and red; The kitchen color Feng Shui collocation of gold in the five elements: white, gold and silver; The kitchen color Feng Shui collocation of wood in the five elements: green and green; Five elements belong to the local kitchen color Feng Shui Collocation: yellow, brown and coffee

there are still some colors to avoid when laying floor tiles in the kitchen. One is black, because black represents turbidity. Although it is a symbol of the earth, it means that the hygiene in the kitchen has been affected. The second is red. I believe this will be easier to understand. Just as the kitchen cannot be placed in the south, adding fire to fire is not a good sign

after reading the above articles, I believe you have some knowledge of Feng Shui about color. Obviously, many people choose color according to their own preferences in life, but Feng Shui is the aspect that needs our attention most. It is also a good choice for colleagues who meet Feng Shui to choose their favorite color

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