How to choose the location of Yangzhai Feng Shui

Feng Shui emphasizes the balance of yin and Yang and ” Harmony between man and nature ” ” Unity of heaven and man ” ; It is a concept of humanistic environment. Therefore, a house that can integrate people into nature, accept the aura of heaven and earth, and is not disturbed by adverse factors is a good house. Let’s follow one feng shui master to understand how to choose the location of Xiayang house Feng Shui

accumulation of wind and gas

” Accumulation of wind and gas” Surrounded by mountains and rivers” Longzhen Cave ” ; It is the three feng shui elements of Wangzhai site selection

  ” Accumulation of wind and gas; Is to find a relatively closed environment, where you can control the entry of heaven and earth aura and retain it

Feng Shui emphasizes ” Gathering wind and gas, If the homestead is windy and very strong, the gathered prosperity will be blown away; The wind is too slow, the air is not circulating, and it is not suitable

only when the gentle breeze blows slowly and cool, it is in line with the way of Feng Shui

  ” Mountains surrounded by water ” ; In fact, it has the same effect as Tibetan wind gathering gas, but it emphasizes the use of natural landscape

  ” Longzhen acupoint ” ; It is to find a place that is deeply affected by the essence of heaven and earth, so as to benefit the occupants. p”gt;

coordination between residence and terrain

the building base with narrow front and wide rear or wide front and narrow rear has weakened momentum and gives people a bad impression. The building base is lower than the surrounding terrain, which is easy to accumulate moisture when it rains. In addition to being relatively humid, it also makes people feel unhappy

houses built on hillsides pay more attention to landscape vision, so the terrain behind the house should be higher and the terrain in front should be lower, but the terrain in front of the house should be lowered slowly. It is most forbidden to sink layer by layer, steep slope or even cliff, which gives people a negative feeling of a thousand miles. On the contrary, single family houses are most unsuitable to be built on the terrain from high to low. If the rear of the house is a steep slope or even a cliff, it is even worse, which makes people feel afraid and have more concerns about safety

the buildings built on the mountain could have been far away from the hustle and bustle and enjoyed a quiet and elegant living environment. However, if the terrain is higher, the more remote and the less populated, it will be desolate.

cooperation between residence and river and road

the road or river in front of residence coincides with the U-shaped turning. If the residence is in the U-shaped arc, it seems to be a castle on the inner side of the moat, which is psychologically stable and confident; The buildings set up outside the U-shaped arc seem to be excluded and lack a sense of stability

the front of the house meets a T-shaped road or river, and the residential building in position a is located at the intersection of traffic flow or water flow. It is also too disturbing and turbulent, which is not in line with the principle that the house should be stable

the foundation of the building presents a triangle, and the building is built with the foundation, which also presents a triangle and has an acute angle. It is located at the Y-shaped fork intersection. Cars go in and out on the left and right sides of the house. The traffic flow is too turbulent and disturbing, which is not in line with the principle that the house should be stable

pay attention to the surrounding environment

the sidewalk in front of the house should be wide and flat, and an appropriate buffer distance should be maintained between the house and the road. It is most forbidden to narrow the sidewalk and make the house close to the road. It is difficult to gather people when pedestrians rush by

if the alley in front of the house is too narrow, it is not suitable for people to feel oppressive

in ” Dead alley ” ; Due to poor ventilation in the houses, the concerns about fire protection are also relatively increased, and the closer it is to ” Dead alley ” ; The more uninhabitable the house at the bottom

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