How to dissolve the beams and columns in the living room

If there are beams and columns in the living room, it is a difficult problem to be solved in terms of home design or Feng Shui. The straight is the column and the horizontal is the beam. The beams and columns are used to support the weight of the house, so they are indispensable. The difference is only whether there is a prominent position. If it appears in a conspicuous place, it will hinder the feng shui of the living room, so we need to try to cover it up

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the columns in the living room are mainly divided into two types, one is the column connected to the wall, which is called wall column, and the other is isolated column. In the current architectural design, the column has become a very concerned problem, so the independent column has been rarely seen. However, if the independent column is handled improperly, the living room will be eclipsed, and feng shui will be greatly reduced. Generally speaking, the more the column defecates, the more difficult it is to deal with. Therefore, when choosing a residence, we should see whether there are many independent columns in the house. If this happens, we should give up love and choose a better disposal industry

most of the columns will have beams, so sitting near the column edge will often be pressed by the beam, so you should try to avoid sitting near the column edge. Some people like to place sofas between the two columns, thinking they are good at making use of space. In fact, this is wrong. The reason is that most of the columns have beams. If you sit close to the column, the beam is likely to press the top. Beam capping is actually like being humiliated by people’s crotch, and the development and vitality are suppressed. It is a big taboo in Feng Shui. However, if the cabinet is placed between the two columns, although there is beam capping, it is the cabinet rather than people, so it is not a big problem

the wall column connected to the wall is usually covered seamlessly with bookcases, wine cabinets, display cabinets, etc., which is integrated with other parts of the living room. Compared with the wall column, the independent column is certainly much more difficult to deal with, because the existence of the independent column hinders the vision, and the activity space encounters obstacles. It must be cleverly arranged to turn corruption into magic

if the independent column cabinet is not far from the wall, the dome can be connected with the wall with wood board or low cabinet. The column wall panel can be decorated with paintings or flowers, while the low cabinet can make the field of vision transparent and increase the depth of field without the feeling of dull and occlusion. If you don’t need a low cabinet, you can choose a high cabinet, but the vision will be discounted. In addition, if you use a high-body wooden board to build a wall, you should add decorative lighting on the wall to avoid being too monotonous. If the independent column is too far away from the wall and cannot be connected with the wall by cabinet or board, it must be set as the center. The following are two beautiful and Feng Shui solutions

the column position is used as the separation line : because the independent column in the living room is very conspicuous, it can be used as the component boundary, laying carpet on one side and stone on the other. In addition, it can also be made into steps, high on one side and low on the other. In this way, it seems that the original design took the independent column as the dividing line between high and low levels, and the appearance will be much more natural

flower trough around column : in the wide living room, thin wooden trough can be surrounded on the four sides of the independent column, and some indoor plants that are easy to grow can be placed in the trough. In order to save space, flower troughs should not be set in the lower half of the independent column. The flower troughs should start in the middle of the column, which is not only beautiful but not depressing, but also achieves the effect of three-dimensional greening in the living room. Because the column position blocks part of the sunlight, the column wall should be equipped with light as auxiliary lighting, which can not only solve the disadvantages of uneven light in the living room, but also increase the beauty

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