How to resolve the beam on the top of the sofa

Beam capping is a very bad feng shui. If it appears above the sofa in the living room, Feng Shui is even worse. This is because the living room is a place for families and visitors to rest and activities. There is a beam above the sofa, which will affect the transportation of the whole family, and even affect the harmonious atmosphere of communication and conversation between families and visitors, resulting in the failure of negotiation. Therefore, if there is a beam above the sofa, it must be transformed

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because the living room should pay attention to beauty and generosity, the form of false ceiling should not be used when dealing with the beam. A basin of Kaiyun bamboo can be placed on the tea table at both ends of the sofa to keep the Kaiyun bamboo evergreen all year round, growing and thriving, and can push back the pressure of the beam; Or hang a horizontal flute under the beam, the mouth of the flute is downward, and tie a red rope, which can also dissolve the evil spirit brought by the beam

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