What is the knowledge about Feng Shui decoration

There are a lot of feng shui knowledge in home decoration, and these feng shui knowledge is the knowledge we must pay attention to and understand when decorating. After all, the decoration Feng Shui of the house is related to the fortune of our family! Therefore, we should know some house decoration feng shui knowledge in advance, so that we can decorate the house according to these relevant Feng Shui. So what is the knowledge about Feng Shui decoration

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decoration with large window at the head of the bed

in the decoration of the home, the decoration inside the bedroom is also very important. After all, the bedroom is not only a very important area for us, but also a small world and private space for us. So the decoration of the bedroom is closely related to us! So what do you know about Feng Shui in bedroom decoration? Feng Shui believes that the bedroom of the bedroom can not be placed against the window, that is, the head of the bed can not open a large window. This pattern will damage the Feng Shui aura of the bedroom, and will also bring certain harm to our sleep, health and luck. Just imagine, when there is a big window behind the head of the bed, the cold wind in the window is easy to disperse the wealth, and it is also easy to cause the family to be invaded by the cold. It can be seen that this pattern is really bad

the bathroom is at the end of the corridor

in the decoration of the home, one more thing to pay attention to ” mdash” mdash; The bathroom cannot be at the end of the corridor. Including toilets, toilets, bathrooms, etc., can not be at the end of the corridor! Can’t the bathroom and I be at the end of the corridor? Because the bathroom is where the Yin is particularly heavy and the moisture is particularly heavy. At the same time, the bathroom is also a key area for hiding dirt in the home. If the bathroom is really located at the end of the corridor, the moisture in the bathroom will affect the whole home. Once the Feng Shui of the whole home is affected, it will affect the wealth, fortune and development future of the family. Therefore, the bathroom can not be arranged at the end of the corridor anyway

warm color lighting improves feelings

in home decoration, the choice of lighting is also a very important thing. What kind of lighting determines the atmosphere of home, and at the same time, it is also related to the Feng Shui aura of home. Therefore, in the selection of lighting, it is best to pay attention to relevant feng shui knowledge. Feng Shui believes that the choice of lighting should avoid some cold color lights, because these lights will make the atmosphere of the home cold, which is not conducive to the emotional warming of the family; Relatively speaking, the lighting selection of home should choose some warm color lights as much as possible. The warm color lights can not only reflect the warm atmosphere, but also replace the feelings of monks and family members and make the relationship between family members more harmonious. In addition, the warm yellow light also has the effect of attracting money

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