How can the layout of the kitchen increase wealth

In Feng Shui, the kitchen symbolizes the position of female master in the family. As the granary of the family, the kitchen is directly related to the food and clothing of the family. Sufficient food reserves will give people a sense of security and make the whole family work and live at ease. At the same time, it is also the basis of good luck. Therefore, we must store enough food in the kitchen to avoid the bottom of rice and flour tanks, and the refrigerator should not be in space. We should replenish food and other food in time

there is another way in Feng Shui, that is to put three ancient coins in red envelopes and bury them in rice jars, which can increase wealth

What about western kitchens

no one is willing to put the kitchen directly in the west, but sometimes because the home decoration or the purchased house itself is in the west, the result is that they have to put the kitchen in the West. The problem with putting it directly in the west is that it will block wealth. We must find some solutions to this situation. Some red flowers can be placed in the West. Which flower is better to choose? Daffodils and violets are very good. It can block the evil spirit brought by the sunset and bring wealth to the family

restaurant and kitchen location

the restaurant and kitchen should be closer. If the distance between the two is too far, it will be a waste of time at dinner. The restaurant can’t be put directly in the kitchen. Love and giving you will make you uncomfortable when eating because of oil fume and other conditions. In the kitchen Feng Shui decoration layout, this is the most basic requirement. The kitchen floor must be very flat, and must not be higher than the floor of other rooms in the house

the restaurant is best located in the South

the restaurant is best located in the south. The sunshine in the south is more abundant, and the family will be more surnamed Wang because of this. If a refrigerator is specially installed in the restaurant, it should not be placed in the south, but in the north. The reason is that the refrigerator belongs to water, which is negative. If it is placed in the south, there is a conflict between yin and Yang. Whether the restaurant is set in the South or the north, there is a specific requirement that the restaurant can not directly face the door

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