Which pictures are not suitable for hanging at the head of the bed

Don’t hang photos at the head of the bed. If you hang photos or abstract paintings at the head of the bed, it means that others ride on your head all day, and there is no day to appear. As a result, the owner can’t look up in front of others, he is mentally allergic, and his wealth is easy to be robbed by villains

it is not suitable to hang landscape paintings on the head of the bed. The mountain is too heavy, which will cause mental stress and can’t sleep. Water will form ” Water shower head ” ; Evil spirits lead to patients and bad luck

in addition, the picture of Raptor cannot be hung at the head of the bed. Raptors are too fierce, which is easy to cause fear and affect the quality of sleep. It will also give people the feeling of raptors pecking their heads, causing people to have headaches, insomnia, energy laxity and other conditions, which will have a great impact on their health, and it is easy to lose money

in addition, it is not suitable to hang more than one picture and large head portraits of deceased relatives at the head of the bed, otherwise it will affect the mood of the family and increase pressure

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