Feng Shui taboo of installing ceiling lamps in bedrooms

Bedroom lights in Feng Shui, there are many taboos; So, what are the Feng Shui taboos of home bedroom lamps? What are the taboos of bedroom lamp Feng Shui? What are the taboos of bedroom lamp Feng Shui? Here is the taboo of bedroom lamp Feng Shui

Feng Shui taboo of bedroom lamp

Feng Shui taboo of home bedroom lamp

I. Feng Shui taboo of home bedroom lamp

1. The shape is strange and harmful

the lighting shape should be round and square. The lighting with strange shape will have a bad meaning in Feng Shui and produce adverse movie stars for the owner

2. The chandelier directly above the bed and sofa is easy to form a light brake

the chandelier is installed directly above the bed and sofa. Over time, it is easy to cause diseases such as cerebral neurasthenia, and it is also easy to cause diseases in female gynecology

3. Dark hall and bright room, inside and outside upside down

the living room should be bright and the bedroom should be a little darker, which is the truth we all know; But some people ignore this when designing. Cause ” Dark hall and bright room, inside and outside upside down ” ; The situation. Too dim living room lighting will affect the owner’s career development; Bright bedroom lights will make people feel dazzling, which is not conducive to family rest and relaxation

II. Selection and precautions of home bedroom lamps

1. Selection of lamp styles in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps

the style of bedroom lamps needs to be considered and selected in all aspects. In addition to meeting the home design style, its shape needs to be considered. Lamps with too many edges and corners cannot be selected. Good lamps can bring good luck and prosperity

2. Location installation of bedroom lamps and lanterns

the installation location of lamps and lanterns in bedroom lamps and lanterns in Feng Shui should not be installed at the head of the bed and above the bed. On the one hand, it brings inconvenience to sleep, and there is the saying that lamps press the bed above, which gives people mental pressure

2. Number of Feng Shui lamps in bedroom lamps

there are still differences between bedroom lamps and living room lamps, because the living room lighting should be bright and more lamps can be installed. Bedroom lamps and lanterns should avoid three lamps side by side, and the odd number is generally preferred

4. The color of light source in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps: white is better

the color of light source in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps is generally white, yellow light source attracts wealth, and red light source is not allowed. The white light source is suitable for people’s living habits. The yellow light source attracts wealth. Because yellow is earth in the five elements and earth generates gold, it has the meaning of attracting wealth. Red light source should not be used, which is easy to make people anxious. If it is placed at the head of the bed, it is easy for the husband and wife to cheat

5. Selection of lamps in different rooms in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps

the functions of each room in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps are different, and the decoration of lamps is also different” Bright hall and dark room ” ; It means that the light in the living room should be bright and the light in the bedroom should be slightly darker. Bedroom lighting must be soft, not too dazzling, conducive to sleep

What are the taboos of bedroom lamp Feng Shui

1. It is best to choose warm white light source for bedroom lighting. The color in the bedroom matches with the fifth middle school at home. The home is dominated by Yang, so it is best to choose warm color lighting. Warm colors include red, orange and yellow, which can bring a warm and comfortable feeling to residents

2. Remember that you can’t choose to use red as the light in the bedroom. Red is with flashing decoration, which will lead to annoyance and irritability. Especially for newly married couples, having red lamps in the bedroom is a major taboo of Feng Shui. It is easy to know that either party is easy to have an affair

3. The color of the earth of the five elements is * *. In terms of the combination of the five elements, the earth generates gold. If the * * lamp is used in the room, it can effectively imply the role of attracting wealth

4. The lamps in the bedroom should preferably be singular, but it should be noted that all lamps should not be used side by side, which will damage the good feng shui

5. The lamps in the bedroom cannot be hung directly above the bed, which will cause psychological pressure and affect the quality of sleep

6. There are many kinds of lamps in the bedroom, and the classical style has the function of town house; Crystal lamp has a good effect of promoting prosperity and wealth; Remember not to choose corner lamps

What are the taboos of bedroom lamp Feng Shui

1 The bedroom is the most taboo ” Chandelier press” Heavy Qi ” ; Bad luck for health. Modern psychological research has found that if the ceiling above the bed is equipped with a chandelier, it will indeed give people a mental hint, add people’s mental pressure, affect the endocrine, and then lead to a series of health problems such as insomnia, nightmares, respiratory emergencies and so on. For example, for the following diseases, men and women should pay attention to the nervous weakness caused by renal failure. This is a kind of light killing. There should be no fierce lights on the bed. In this place, it needs gentle lights to shine, so that people can gradually fall asleep. If the intense light is in the center of the bed, it is difficult for you to fall asleep, so you can’t sleep really, so over time, it will form brain nerve weakness, heart disease, perhaps pharyngitis, mastitis, lesbian gynecological disease, gay prostate, and even more serious. Lesbians have surgery, such as abortion and inflammation

  2. Generally, it is not suitable to choose red lights and neon lights with large flashing for decoration, which simply makes people feel restless. Some newlyweds, in order to add romantic colors, press a red light bulb on the head of the bed or on the dresser, which is a big taboo, simply causing one or both sides to deviate; There is a red light in the child’s bedroom. The child is simple, irritable and has the appearance of precocious puppy love. This must be paid attention to

  3. The Yellow five elements belong to the earth, and from the perspective of the five elements, the earth produces gold, which determines the meaning of the yellow lamp. Many people like to install a yellow wall lamp in the bedroom, which is the right choice

  4. The bedroom lamp is better with warm color and appropriate white light source. Home feng shui usually pays attention to the light color, that is, the change and application of color between cold and warm. The five elements of color cooperation focus on the allocation of cold and warm, and the home is dominated by Yang, so the lighting color should also be dominated by warm light

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