What shape should I choose for the bedroom window

The window design of the bedroom should not only ensure the ventilation of the bedroom, but also comply with certain Feng Shui principles. Generally speaking, the size and opening and closing method of the bedroom window can be selected according to the feelings of the family

however, it should be noted that the bedroom windows should be square and upright, rather than grotesque or domed windows. Square and upright windows have a solid foundation in the owner’s house and deep feelings between husband and wife; People are short of patience, or they can’t choose

in addition, it should be noted that the windows should not be too large or too small. Too large windows are not conducive to the thermal insulation and insulation of the bedroom, nor can they gather the wealth and anger in the house, and are easy to be peeped into privacy by others; If the window is too small, it can not guarantee the indoor ventilation and lighting. When the wind is strong, it will form a bad spirit to collide with the family. When there is no wind, it is not conducive to the indoor and outdoor air circulation. Moreover, the small window will give people a sense of depression in Feng Shui, affect people’s mental health, and cause homeowners to be blocked, stop their development, etc

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