How should the scissors brake of the elevator facing the door be resolved

The elevator is facing the door, which is very unfavorable to Feng Shui, because the elevator keeps opening and closing like scissors ” Click click ” ; Keep cutting things. In Feng Shui, it is called ” Scissors BRAKE ” ” Scissors BRAKE ” ; It will lead to accidents and bloodshed, and will drain the wealth of the house. Unless the owner is engaged in the occupation of butcher, barber or doctor, it is best to avoid the door of the elevator. However, it should be noted that if the elevator is in the prosperous position on the first floor, the opening and closing of the elevator will produce prosperous gas, but it is auspicious

there are two ways to resolve the brake gas generated by the elevator facing the door:

first, set a screen or porch in the door to make the air coming in from the door rotate and detour in the door before entering the room, so as to reduce the impact and brake coming directly into the door

Second: hang a mirror or white jade gourd on the lintel. The mirror can reflect and absorb the evil Qi, and the white jade gourd can dissolve the evil Qi and play the role of Feng Shui in transforming evil spirits and dispelling evil spirits

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