What is the relationship between bedroom layout and peach blossom

The layout of the bedroom has a great relationship with peach blossoms. How to use the bedroom layout to increase their own peach blossoms and decorate their bedroom, peach blossoms will come uninvited

① dragon and tiger hook calling method: the Dragon side is the green dragon side where the house sits, that is, the left hand side. What is the hook method? This is a kind of Dharma of Tibetan Buddhism. It means to attract meaning and has the ability of harmony and harmony. The specific operation of this method is as follows: put an empty vase on the left side of the housing door, that is, the Dragon side. The green dragon side of the housing is mostly used with hook decorations, such as curved and hook lace, or the floor of the room is mostly used with curved and hook style floor flowers. The Dragon edge of this method is suitable for women. Of course, men should choose the tiger edge, that is, the right hand side. Then put flowers in the peach blossom position in the bedroom. Keep the flowers fresh. If you substitute plastic flowers, you should always pour some perfume on it. Then put the bed on the right edge of the house to sleep. What is Zhengyuan square? This knowledge involves eight characters. For example, a woman’s yen is Jiamu, her official star is Xinjin, and her positive edge is in Xinfang, which is slightly northwest of the West. You can put your bed in this direction of the house and sleep or lie with your head in this direction. As long as you are sincere, fate will come uninvited

② eight House peach blossom position gain method: the peach blossom position found by the eight House method is the position that the master room should always pay attention to. This position had better not be the toilet, otherwise the room should not be peach blossom and fate on the whole. And generally speaking, this location should be bright and ventilated. It can be used as a place for visitors or most people’s activities. If the peach blossom zodiac is used to promote prosperity here, it can have a good effect. That is, the zodiac of monkeys, rats and dragons, tigers, horses and dogs, pigs, rabbits and sheep, snakes, chickens and cattle

the peach blossom positions in bazhai are introduced below

sit in the earthquake house facing east and West, with peach blossoms in the northeast

sit in the house facing east, with peach blossoms in the southeast

sitting in the peach house in the south-west, facing the north

sitting on the ridge house facing south, the peach blossom is in the northwest

sit in the gen house from the northeast to the southwest, with peach flowers in the East

sit in the kunzhai from the southwest to the northeast, with peach blossoms in the south

sit in the dry house from northwest to Southeast, with peach blossoms in the north

sit in the Xun house from the southeast to the northwest, with peach blossoms in the West

the problem of fate should inspire it, but we should also learn to put it down. We should have a heart of empathy with the sad body of all sentient beings. Of course, this is a higher-level method to gain fate. Listen to the whispers when the flowers are blooming and feel the joy when the birds are jumping, and you can open the heart door with all sentient beings. When you pass, you can put down your arrogance, hesitation and inferiority, and you won’t feel lonely. When you don’t feel lonely in your heart, your fate will come

love has colors. If the color of the bedroom is too dark, such as dark blue, dark green and dark red, it is easy to feel depressed. In particular, the color of the floor should not be too dark or bright red, especially red, otherwise it is easy to have a bad temper and quarrel. If the bed is full of books or sundries and there is no extra space for peach blossoms, it is difficult to get the favor of the opposite sex

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