How to decorate the kitchen

The orientation, sitting direction, interior decoration layout and the color design used in the decoration of the kitchen, if these aspects can be coordinated, it will be beneficial to the health of users. For the homeowner, it will be more prosperous and get twice the result with half the effort. But conversely, if the layout is not good, it will be bad luck. So how should we grasp the placement of kitchens and stoves in modern home decoration? Here are some suggestions:

although people don’t spend the longest time in the kitchen, there is a saying called ” Food is the most important thing for the people, Therefore, Feng Shui in the kitchen is also very important to the health and transportation of a family

I. starting from the placement of the kitchen

1 The room structure should be regular. Some houses with irregular structure can not be used as kitchens. Such houses will directly affect the health of family members and need to be avoided most

  2. The kitchen door cannot be opposite to the door. The kitchen is a symbol of family fortune. Remember not to face the door of the home. The gate is the entrance of Li Qi. It is the only place for family and friends to go in and out. If the gate is facing the kitchen, it will expose wealth and lead to family financial difficulties

  3. The kitchen should not be close to the master bedroom. It is better not to place the kitchen next to the master bedroom. In Feng Shui, the kitchen is defined as a Yin area. If it is too close, it is easy to make the family gloomy and the personality deep, which will affect the stability of the house

II. the most suitable place to decorate the kitchen

in fact, the kitchen is still very good in the home. The kitchen itself has a function of suppressing the evil side. The vigorous Yang generated by the stove fire on the stove can reconcile the foul gas of the evil side and play a role in the reconciliation of yin and Yang

next, we need to consider the decoration of the kitchen:

1 The decoration of the fire. If a family wants to make a fire to cook, it must first rely on the fire. Therefore, there is great emphasis on the decoration of the fire. The stove should not be directed towards the road or the door, because it is easy to lead to a quarrel among the family

  2. The stove should not be close to the sink. The stove should not be close to the sink. At the same time, it should also be noted that it should not be close to the refrigerator. The water gas generated by the sink and the cold air from the refrigerator conflict with the fire gas of the gas stove. Since ancient times, water and fire have been in their respective positions, and they are in peace. Once water and fire intersect, it is easy to produce big waves

  3. The orientation of the kitchen window. If the window in the kitchen opens to the west, you must pay attention to whether the west inclined sunlight can be directly directed to the stove when the sun goes down. If so, it means that the fire is too strong and you need to use other items to block the sunlight so that the sunlight cannot be directly directed to the stove

Third, let’s talk about the furnishings of other kitchenware

no matter what kind of kitchenware, it can’t be placed in front of or under the window, because it symbolizes that a family is isolated by its surrounding environment and seems helpless. If the food cabinet is placed in the kitchen, the tableware cabinet, refrigerator, etc. should also be placed close to the kitchen. On the one hand, it can be convenient to access and use, on the other hand, it can also play a decorative role (one thing to remind you that you must not set the dining table in the kitchen for convenience)

generally do not place mirrors in the kitchen. If the mirrors are hung on the wall behind the stove and directly reflect the food in the pot, the house may suffer fire or other misfortunes. This is the so-called ” Tianmen fire ”

however, a mirror can be installed on the surrounding wall in the restaurant where the table is placed. The mirror reflects the food on the table, which is of significance to increase the wealth of the family. In order to attract more wealth, you can also put more food in the fridge, and the rice jar can’t be empty. It’s full, which means you have no worries about food and clothing at home

as for the color matching, the kitchen should take the warm color as the theme color, which can effectively neutralize some Yin Qi in the kitchen and make the dining environment more harmonious

to sum up: a good kitchen Feng Shui layout can not only create a warm dining environment, but also change the family’s fortune to a certain extent. Therefore, it is necessary to know more

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