What is the elderly bedroom Feng Shui that needs special attention

Most old people pay more attention to the quality of Feng Shui, and the quality of Feng Shui is often more obvious in the elderly than in the young. This is mainly because with the growth of people’s age, they violate more and more Feng Shui taboos in life, and their luck will decline with the increase of Feng Shui taboos. In this way, their luck will be very low when they get old

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What do you need to pay special attention to Feng Shui in the elderly’s bedroom

therefore, the elderly must pay more attention to Feng Shui than the young. Here we focus on talking with you about Feng Shui in the elderly’s bedroom

because the elderly are generally not in good health, and the bedroom has a great impact on people’s health and fortune, if we can ensure the smooth Feng Shui in the elderly’s bedroom, it will be of great help to the elderly’s health. So what Feng Shui problems should the elderly pay attention to in their bedroom

it is not suitable for the elderly to have mirrors in their bedrooms: it is not that the elderly cannot love beauty, but because mirrors have too great an impact on the Feng Shui aura field. Even if there are mirrors in the bedrooms of young people, they should not face the bed as much as possible. If there are mirrors in the bedrooms of the elderly, they will have a great impact on the effect of storing wind and absorbing Qi in the bedrooms, and then destroy the Feng Shui aura field in the bedrooms. Therefore, it is best not to have mirrors in the bedrooms of the elderly

there should be no Buddha in the bedroom of the elderly: it’s best not to place the Buddha or God in the bedroom of the elderly, which is very unfavorable to the Feng Shui atmosphere of the bedroom. Because many old people pay more attention to things like god Buddha, they will put them in the bedroom, but in fact, god Buddha itself can not be placed in the bedroom. If it is really placed in the bedroom, it is not only disrespectful to god Buddha, but also the atmosphere of god Buddha will disperse the atmosphere in the bedroom, which is unfavorable

the above two points are Feng Shui problems that must be paid special attention to in the elderly bedroom


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