Bedroom study decoration and Feng Shui Daquan

In life, parents usually have a small study in their bedroom. Do you know what the decoration of bedroom and study is like? Let’s take a look at the following articles

bedroom study decoration and Feng Shui

taboo between bedroom study decoration and Feng Shui

1. The study should be quiet

the study is a place for learning. We must keep quiet. There should be no noisy objects in the study, such as wind chimes, and the windows should be tightly closed to block the messy sound outside the window

2. The study should be bright

the study should have overall lighting facilities to facilitate writing, reading and learning. If it is bright, it will make people work hard

3. The study should be elegant

decorate the study with handicrafts or pictures to show an elegant and quiet feeling and make people want to learn as soon as they enter the study

4. Sit at the desk

the desk should be placed in the best position in the study. The desk should not be directly opposite the door. It is directly attacked by the evil spirit outside the door. Moreover, this long-term impacted desk position will bring disadvantages to your studies

5. Bookcase sitting position

the desk should be placed in an auspicious position, while the bookcase is just the opposite. The bookcase should be placed in the position of the room, or in a corner and a place with poor light

6. The seat has a backer

in the study, it is necessary to avoid the situation that there is no backer behind the seat, and there should be a wall behind the seat

7. The study is not too large

set the study in a large room. Reading and studying in a large study is easy to distract your energy, and the size of the study should be moderate

8. Avoid the top of the cross beam

there should be no cross beam on the desk. If the cross beam is pressed on the learner’s head or desk, the study will be under heavy pressure and affect the learning mental state

9. The room should be orderly

the books must be placed neatly, and other items should be placed orderly. Don’t put the room like a gossip array. Put too disorderly, easy to produce disorderly mood

10. Put the mascot to the left

some friends put some mascots such as Wenchang tower on their desks in order to increase their study luck. When placing the mascots, we should pay attention to that they must be placed on the left side of the study desk. The left side is the green dragon and the text. Placing them on the left side of the desk is more conducive to learning

bedroom decoration that parents must see feng shui

1. Do not rush the door behind the desk, left and right

2. The desk shall not face the toilet or back to the bathroom; The left and right shall not collide with the bathroom door of the toilet

3. Do not go up and down on the kitchen stove or on the bathroom

4. It is better not to be oppressed by high objects in front of the desk (the bookshelf on the desk is unlucky)

5. The desk shall not face the lane, road or water tower outside the house

the color inside the children’s room also has a very important impact on children’s mentality. First, the color should be light and elegant. Do not use too dazzling bright red and purple to avoid stimulating children. It is also forbidden to use black and pure white. It is better to use light blue as the bottom to decorate some grass green, bright yellow and pink colors, which can achieve a harmonious effect

children’s rooms usually have hanging pictures, which have a great impact on children’s growth. First, the pictures on the walls should focus on the natural and positive content. It is not suitable to hang pictures of armored soldiers, stars with heavy makeup, gods, etc. Because it is easy for children to be influenced when they are young, and their character is easy to become too precocious, which is not conducive to their natural growth

what is the stress of bedroom study decoration and Feng Shui

(I) decoration of the study area of Feng Shui in bedroom study

the study in the bedroom is the same as that in a separate study. The desk should be placed in Wenchang, which will enable the family to get the help of noble people in future career development and study. It would be better for the desk to be backed by a solid wall, which means that his career and studies in other places will be supported by his family, and will also be instructed by others to avoid wrongdoing. Therefore, Wenchang is also a very important position in Feng Shui in the bedroom and study

(II) selection of the color of Feng Shui in the bedroom study

how should the color of the study in the bedroom be selected? First of all, what we should consider is to coordinate with the decoration of the bedroom. If the bedroom is decorated in Chinese style and you build the study area into a European style, the conflict between these two styles will cause the disorder of Feng Shui, which will disrupt your thinking of study and work, and then affect your career Feng Shui. This must be avoided in the feng shui of bedroom study

so how do we choose the color? It is one of the best ways to choose the color of study and bedroom according to the fate of household people. This not only reflects the principle of mutual Feng Shui, but also brings intangible help to the cause

(III) other precautions for Feng Shui in bedroom and study

as the saying goes ” Bright hall and dark room, The light in the bedroom should not be too strong. But for the study area, we should use a brighter light than the bedroom, and warm yellow is the best. This not only creates a warm rest environment, but also protects our eyes, which is very helpful to our healthy Feng Shui. Warm yellow can also coordinate the style relationship between the study and the bedroom, so that the feng shui of the whole bedroom study presents a peaceful picture

both the study and bedroom need a quiet environment and need to be arranged in a quiet corner, so as to give people the best rest space and study space, and give people at home a good sleep quality and work results. In the feng shui of bedroom and study, we can’t decorate only one area. We must combine two aspects, so as to form a good feng shui. If you want to build a study in your bedroom, don’t ignore the above points. Good feng shui will have good luck. I hope our good luck will always follow us

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