Pay attention to the placement of Feng Shui in the kitchen

The placement and placement of the kitchen need to pay attention to Feng Shui, which may not be clear to many people, but in fact, every small detail in the kitchen may be related to the quality of Feng Shui in the kitchen. Although we can’t ignore the problems in every detail, and the placement and placement of the kitchen can’t ignore the relevant Feng Shui. What are the stresses on the placement of Feng Shui in the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. Feng Shui taboo in the kitchen

is that the door of the kitchen cannot face the door of the toilet. The kitchen is a place for the family to eat and must absorb a very clean breath. There is a lot of dirt in the toilet and the smell is not easy to ask. What’s more, the kitchen represents fire and the toilet represents water. How can water and fire be compatible? I Zhang Xinlong think such Feng Shui can easily lead to problems in the relationship between husband and wife, and there are constant quarrels at home

the floor of the kitchen should not be too high, especially not higher than the living room. In addition, from the kitchen to the restaurant, the ground should be higher and higher, not lower and lower, so it means to rise step by step

there should be nothing behind the stove, because the stove represents the health of the family, marriage and fame. If you don’t rely on it, you won’t get anything. Therefore, the back of the stove must rely on the solid wall, which means that there is a background and a backer. It can’t be empty, nor can it be backed by a glass window. Such Feng Shui needs to be changed

the most taboo of general kitchen utensils is the auspicious position placed in the home. After all, kitchen utensils include knives. Their own knives are very unfavorable to people’s luck in the layout of the home. Placing them in the vicious position will be conducive to the magnetic field of the kitchen. Of course, you can also hang a ” Seven Star Ping’an Town ” ; To restrain the evil spirit professionally, the influence of the props in the kitchen on the magnetic field can also be reduced

2. Placement of kitchen refrigerator

when determining the placement of the refrigerator, one more thing must be considered: ideally, the refrigerator should not be facing the kitchen door. Feng Shui Masters believe that this arrangement will conflict the two energies from the door and the refrigerator, resulting in family disharmony and financial problems

how to place the refrigerator seems to have nothing to do with Feng Shui, because such household appliances did not appear when Feng Shui ancient books were compiled. However, its placement still belongs to the category of Feng Shui adjustment

because the refrigerator belongs to gold. People who are hungry for gold should put a large refrigerator at home. However, the location of placement is also particular. For example, if a family member wants money, he can put the refrigerator in the location of the member. Specifically, if the male host wants gold, it can be placed in the northwest corner of the kitchen or hall. If the female host wants gold, it can be placed in the southwest corner, and so on

III. kitchen items placement

the kitchen knife or fruit knife in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife holder, but should be put in the drawer. Garlic, onion and pepper should not be hung to absorb Yin Qi

the kitchen is a hot place, and the refrigerator is gold, which can balance the fire of the kitchen. However, it should not be too close to or directly opposite the stove. Because there is too much oil smoke in the stove, it is easy to pollute the refrigerator and affect the health of the owner

many people like the open kitchen of Zhongdao style, and even install the gas stove on Zhongdao. In this way, there is no gas stove against the wall, and the oil fume will fly everywhere, resulting in poor indoor air

the refrigerator in the kitchen should not be empty, and the rice jar should be filled at any time, which symbolizes that there is no worry about food and clothing at home

the sink is an indispensable part of the home. Generally, the sink is taboo to be opposite to the door. After all, the sink belongs to water on the five elements, and the stove is fire, which is also very unfavorable to people’s luck in the layout of the home. Once hedged, the most serious impact in the long run is the balance of yin and Yang in the kitchen magnetic field. The imbalance of yin and Yang and the Feng Shui in the kitchen will be destroyed

the kitchen is located in the West. Golden flowers, daffodils, three color violets and other plants can be placed by the window. These plants can block the evil spirit of the sunset and bring wealth

after understanding the above kitchen placement of Feng Shui, I believe you will know more about the use of Feng Shui when arranging and placing kitchen items in the future. In fact, Feng Shui has always had a great impact on us. That’s why people pay so much attention to Feng Shui, and it’s good for us to know more about Feng Shui related to the kitchen

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