What color should the bathroom be decorated with

Because the bathroom is a secret place, the windows are generally small, or the opaque frosted glass is used, which makes the daylighting of the bathroom poor. Therefore, it is best to use light and bright colors for the supplies and decoration of the bathroom, so as to adjust the light of the bathroom and make the bathroom look clearer and not gloomy

in addition, from the perspective of home feng shui, the five elements attribute of the bathroom is water. According to the principle of five elements generating gold and water, it is best to choose the color of gold, such as white, gray, etc., and indirectly inlay it with black or blue belonging to water. On the one hand, the color is also relatively simple and bright

on the other hand, it also gives people a quiet and quiet feeling. Especially when taking a bath, it can make people fully relax their tense mood and get leisure and relaxation. It should be noted that the toilet can not use red belonging to fire or yellow belonging to soil. This is because water conquers fire and soil conquers water, which will collide with water, which will affect the health and fortune of the homeowner. In addition, bright colors such as red and rhubarb should not be used in the sanitary room, which will make people nervous and irritable, which is not conducive to relaxation

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