Restaurant Feng Shui taboo

In other words, the arrangement of Feng Shui restaurant can not only promote the family’s desire for wealth, but also have an extraordinary effect on the family. After the whole family comes home every day, they eat together and communicate with each other. Only in this way can they be harmonious and happy

the restaurant is a place for families to have dinner. The atmosphere here should be relaxed and comfortable. Allowing families to eat and rest in a happy mood should be a major premise for us to decorate and decorate the restaurant

I. avoid poisonous arrows

in the house structure, furniture and bonsai should be used to effectively resolve sharp corners and beams and columns. At the same time, pay attention not to sit under the beam. If it is unavoidable, you can use a red rope to hang two bamboo flutes on the roof beam. The two bamboo flutes are opposite at an angle of 45 degrees. When hanging, the mouth of the flute should be facing down, so that it can be dissolved; Another method is to install an elevation lamp, direct the light on the roof beam, and use the effect of the light to visually the roof beam ” Desalination ” ; Drop

II. dining table

the essential things in the restaurant should be the dining table, and the shape of the dining table also has important Feng Shui significance. The shape of the dining table is preferably round or oval, and the dining table with sharp table corners should be avoided as far as possible. Round and oval tables symbolize the prosperity and unity of a family. If you use a square table, you must avoid sitting at the corner of the table

III. table manners

if you have a quarrel with your family at dinner, it’s very unlucky. Dinner time should be a time for family reunion. Only when family life is harmonious and beautiful, family luck will flourish. If you are dining with the elders, you must ask the elders to use chopsticks first. This is not only a polite behavior, but also a meaning of blessing the younger generation

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