Family Feng Shui furnishings

Decoration is a science: size, size and shape should be appropriate, and color and material should be matched. Different themes should choose different materials to create different scenes. The display and decoration decorate our living space and reflect the cultivation and taste of designers and heads of households. Some designs and layouts are very good, but the layout is not appropriate

some flowers, plants, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, boxes, candlesticks, mirrors, etc. are often displayed in the living room or indoors. One way is to refer to the characteristics of the five element relationship in different directions and teach you to place relevant decorations in all corners of the room

plants and flowers can be placed in the wooden direction of the room, i.e. the East and Southeast directions, and woodblock New Year pictures can also be placed. At the same time, because wood generates fire, wood can be combined with the fire energy in the south. The mysterious decree of the dark sky says: ” Building into the south, suddenly see the hall again” ; Say ” Wood sees fire and grows up. A wise man” ; You can also put plants in the south, which is conducive to improving the energy of fire travel in the south

in the direction of the earth row in the room, such as southwest, northeast and central palace, they are the corresponding positions of the earth row respectively. Decorative ceramics, vases, powder boxes, boxes or square items can be displayed. Due to the principle of native gold, such items can also be placed in the West or northwest, which will help to improve the energy of the gold row

some round metal utensils can be placed in the West and northwest. At the same time, because of the principle of golden water, they can also be placed in the north

hanging pictures in the living room has a long history. When decorating the wall with pictures, they should be placed in different directions according to the color and content of the pictures. For example, if the content of the picture is high mountains and flowing water, it can be placed in the north. If the picture is red, the five elements of fire can be placed in the south, northeast and southwest. Place ” Family photo ” ; Photos are also a good way to condense family feelings, which metaphors mutual love and common needs, and is conducive to promoting family harmony

painting murals on the wall is a very clever decorative design technique, which can help make the narrow space appear spacious. As long as the horizon of the picture is consistent with that of people standing indoors, the picture can be integrated into the room

in fact, these principles are very simple. I use the knowledge of the combination of five elements and eight trigrams. There are different five element forces in different directions. We echo it with corresponding shapes or substances and strengthen it. Different specifications of decoration make the indoor scene vivid, which is called ” Exceptional ” , This reason is the same as adding slashes and curves to many horizontal and straight lines. It seems to be the creative principle of Chinese landscape painting. Once applied in combination with the orientation of the five elements, this means of decoration is full of symbolic meaning

from the perspective of atmosphere building, placing some violent decorations, such as frightening knives and guns, fierce tigers and vultures, ghost masks and so on, will make people impatient and insecure and lack a sense of security. On the contrary, we should put more exquisite porcelain, three-star statues of fortune, wealth and longevity, nine fish pictures, rich peony, plum blossom and five blessings and other auspicious ornaments. On the one hand, they can decorate the space to make it more beautiful, but also make the family have a sense of stability and send out a strong sense of humanity. These decorations with profound cultural heritage help to create a new ” Chinese home place spirit ”

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