Precautions for kitchen Feng Shui layout

The Feng Shui layout of the kitchen has always been a topic of concern. After all, the Feng Shui layout of the kitchen is related to the luck of us and our family, but also to our health, etc. so we must understand the precautions for the Feng Shui layout of the kitchen. What are the precautions for the Feng Shui layout of the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

what should be paid attention to in the Feng Shui layout of the kitchen

avoid in the center of the house

the kitchen is a fire. If it is located in the center of the house, wait as ” Burn the heart, The health of family members is vulnerable. Of course, the kitchen should be set at the auspicious position, but if the auspicious position is unknown without the investigation of feng shui master, the more appropriate way is to set it at the corner of the house, that is, the position next to the gate.

avoid the connection between kitchen and toilet

in order to save space, some houses will seal the toilet door near the kitchen, and open a door in the kitchen for access to the toilet, that is, it becomes the design of going through the kitchen first and then entering the toilet. In this way, the living room can have a little more space to place furniture. However, in fact, the kitchen belongs to fire, while the toilet belongs to water. If the kitchen is connected and shares a door, the pattern of water and fire will be formed; In addition, the foul gas from the toilet will also penetrate into the kitchen, which will hinder hygiene and make the family vulnerable to gastroenteropathy

avoid open kitchen

many new houses like to change the kitchen and hall into open design, that is, there is no solid wall separation, and the situation in the kitchen can be seen no matter in the living room or dining room. This practice can make the house feel more spacious. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the open kitchen makes the stove leak out, which will make the family’s ability to gather money weak; In addition, when using the open kitchen to fry food, the oil fume is easy to disperse into the guests. Even if the range hood is used, the oil fume cannot be completely sucked away. Therefore, the oil fume smell often remains in the living room, which is harmful to the home environment and personal health

avoid kitchen and toilet collision

if the kitchen door is opposite to the toilet door, it will form a pattern of water and fire collision. Although the impact is not as big as the connection between kitchen and toilet, the family is also easy to suffer from skin diseases or gastrointestinal sensitive diseases


it is best to start the extraction fan for a long time in the toilet; In addition, the toilet door should be always closed, and small potted plants should be hung on both sides of the kitchen door or toilet door to turn evil spirits

kitchen layout

avoid water and fire relative

water and fire cannot collide, so the faucet in the kitchen cannot be relative to the stove, otherwise the hostess’s waist bone is easy to have problems, and the family is often troubled by emotional problems; In addition, the water level should not be too close to the fire level, otherwise it is suspected that water can overcome fire


the faucet and stove should be placed in an L-shape to avoid confrontation, so as to reduce the chance of family members suffering from gastroenteropathy

avoid door slamming

if the stove is located at the end of the kitchen door and in line with the door, it is a crime ” Door Punch ” ; If there is another door or other door outside the kitchen door, that is, the door is opposite to the kitchen door and then to the stove, it is a double ” Door Punch ” ; A man of great fortune, a man of great fortune, and a man of great sorrow


of course, it’s best to move the stove. If you can’t move at will due to the limited location, you should close the kitchen door for a long time as a remedy

do not press the stove with a beam

if there is a beam on the ceiling of the kitchen, there is no adverse effect in principle, but if it is a beam pressing stove, it will be harmful to the cooks who often go in and out of the kitchen, In the past, the ancients thought that the cross beam pressure cooker would be bad for the hostess, because in ancient society, men were in charge of the kitchen outside and women were in charge of the kitchen, so they had this argument. However, times have changed, and the interpretation of Feng Shui should also have a new I full translation according to the changes of the times, so the influence of the cross beam pressure cooker should not be limited to women)

do not shoot from the corner of the wall

the stove should avoid being shot from the corner of the wall, otherwise the family’s heart and waist are easy to have problems


it is best to move the stove away from the position under the beam or facing the corner of the wall

light color should be the main color

the decoration of the kitchen should be mainly light color, such as beige, ivory, etc. do not use red and black, because the stove belongs to fire, and red also belongs to fire. If red is the main color, it is easy to lead to excessive fire and ” Fire and soil dryness ” As a result, family members will become grumpy or prone to liver disease; Black is also not suitable, because black belongs to water and will form a fire stove ” Water and fire collide ” The phenomenon affects the health of family members

notes on kitchen Feng Shui layout

I. The design location of Feng Shui in villa kitchen

in the villa, the use area is very large, so the location selection of the kitchen is diverse. Which direction will bring us healthy Feng Shui? The design of the kitchen should be placed in the four evil sides of the head of household, which will help to suppress the evil spirit of the evil side. The Yang generated by the fire can reconcile the foul spirit of the evil side, so as to improve the Feng Shui in the home. In the feng shui of the kitchen decoration of the villa, we can stop the evil spirit and bring good feng shui to the whole house. Also, the location of the kitchen should be far away from the residence of the villa, which is the best design

Second, the layout of kitchen utensils in villa kitchen Feng Shui

the villa has a large space. If families who are used to Western diet can choose the setting of open kitchen, which can reflect the atmosphere of the villa and bring us a magnificent effect. However, in the Feng Shui of villa kitchen decoration, we should also follow the following layout of kitchen utensils, Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on the health of family members

(1) the stove and sink in the kitchen can not be on the same line, which will form a situation of water and fire line, which will have an impact on our health. The restriction of water and fire causes the poor temperature, and the food can not reflect its due nutritional value, which will also have a great impact on the health of our family. This must be paid attention to in the feng shui of the kitchen decoration of the villa

(2) in the kitchen utensils, all kinds of kitchen knives cannot be placed on the stove or on the wall. They should be put in a drawer and put away. Moreover, garlic, pepper, onion and other things that can absorb Yin Qi cannot be hung in the kitchen. Having noticed the above situation, it is very important in villa kitchen Feng Shui

(3) in the feng shui of villa kitchen, we can put some plants that can absorb oil smoke. Such furnishings can not only beautify the kitchen, but also add a green meaning to the kitchen and make the cook have a good mood

unlucky kitchen Feng Shui layout precautions

1. The unlucky hanging mirror in the kitchen

one of the taboos of hanging mirror in the kitchen is that the mirror can not reflect the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove and reflects on the food in the pot, it will do more harm. This is called ” Tianmen fire ” , Will cause fire or misfortune to the house

2. The door goes straight to the kitchen. It’s unlucky

in ancient books ” lt” lt; Three essentials of Yangzhai ” gt” gt; There are clouds in: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money;. It means that the fire mouth of the stove is in a straight line opposite the door, so that there is punishment. In this case, the wealth of the Lord’s family is unlucky, it is suspected of losing money, and it will damage their health. Mainly pay attention to gastroenteropathy. To take a step back, even if the kitchen door is in a straight line with the stove, it is unlucky

solution: the best way is to move the stove to another place

3. It’s not lucky that the rice bowl in the refrigerator is empty.

the refrigerator should not be empty, and the rice bowl should be filled at any time, because these two items are closely related to food and clothing. Filling these two items means that there is no danger of food and clothing at home

4. Bad luck for hanging knives in the kitchen

all kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife holder, but should be put in the drawer and put away; Garlic, onion and pepper should not be hung in the kitchen, because these things will absorb Yin Qi

5. The mouth of the stove is bad for the toilet

as mentioned above, the mouth of the stove is to Kyrgyzstan. In short, it means that the stove absorbs prosperous gas and auspicious gas. If it absorbs unclean things, needless to say, everyone will understand the consequences. One will lose money and the other will increase the pain

6. The connection between kitchen and toilet is unlucky

in modern houses, in order to facilitate the design and save space, many families will connect the kitchen and toilet together. When entering and leaving the toilet, they first pass through the kitchen and then go to the toilet, which is unlucky in Feng Shui and will lead to many diseases of the family

7. The floor of the kitchen is higher than that of other rooms. Unfortunately,

the floor of the kitchen cannot be higher than that of other rooms, which will worsen the health of the family. If you want such a design, you should also add a threshold on the door of the kitchen

8. It’s bad that the stove is too close to the kitchen door

the stove should not be too close to the kitchen door. The stove should be at least two meters away from the kitchen door

9. It is unlucky to have a beam on top of the stove

there should be no beam on top of the stove, otherwise it will affect the health of the owner in the house

10. The faucet is facing the fire of the stove, which is unlucky.

the faucet cannot be facing the fire of the stove, and the vegetable washing basin cannot be too close to the stove

11. The color of kitchen decoration is dark and unlucky

the color of kitchen should be mainly light color, such as white, ivory, etc

12. The stove is prosperous and bad luck

the good and bad luck of the stove is always judged. Modern Feng Shui takes the fire mouth as the direction of the stove, and its criterion is to sit on the brake and turn to Wangji

sitting refers to the direction of the back of the stove and the direction of the fire mouth of the stove. In the geomantic omen of bazhai, there are eight directions, half fierce and half auspicious

four auspicious stars: anger, prolonging life, natural medicine and Fu position

four evil stars: absolute life, evil, Five ghosts and six evil spirits

therefore, the sitting direction of the stove should be determined according to the sitting direction of the house and their own fate. It is necessary to sit from evil to good, otherwise it will cost money and hurt people

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