How to decorate the windowsill at home

To be sure, nearly 80% of private housing estates are equipped with windowsills. This place with little practical function is also included in the construction area. The wide windowsill means that the practical area is small. In order to make the best use of the protruding space, many homeowners have come up with a variety of designs, such as turning the windowsill into a bed, desk, dressing or lockers. But these designs are not necessarily the best from the perspective of Feng Shui

windowsill vs bed

in ” Raise the platform ” ; The quality of sleeping outside the windowsill is easily affected by the lack of space outside the windowsill

in addition, because the floor of the window sill is generally low, it will produce a sense of oppression, and the air flow distance between the window top and the floor is short, which greatly affects the health of the body. Therefore, the part of the body on which the floor is pressed represents which part of the body will have pain

windowsill vs dresser

if you plan to raise the windowsill, you can set up a group of dressers, but you must pay attention to the opposite direction of the dresser mirror and do not let the mirror look at the bed. Mirror to bed, residents are prone to mental tightness, neurasthenia and bloody disaster. It’s best to choose some open and close designs. You can collect the mirror on weekdays to avoid the trouble of the mirror on the bed

windowsill vs bookshelf

setting a bookshelf on the windowsill is a good practice. It can not only bring the scenery out of the window into the eyes, but also relieve the body and mind. Reading, writing or creative work here will also receive good results

windowsill vs lockers

what should I do if the window is facing the poor landscape such as sharp Sha or bald mountains and stones? It is suggested that you can set up lockers on the windowsill to close the window view. The windowsill of many housing estates is very wide, but the usable area of the bedroom is insufficient. For example, Amoy garden in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong and Golden Lion Garden in Sha Tin, if you can put lockers on the windowsill, you can not only make good use of the space, but also cover up the unfavorable landscape and kill two birds with one stone

however, before closing the window view, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the windows in the room are sufficient. If one window is closed, the air circulation will be poor, and the air flow in and out will not be proportional, which will have the opportunity to have a negative effect. Therefore, it should be handled carefully

matching between life style and home decoration

if the balance of life style can be taken into account, there is no need to use Feng Shui objects that do not match the style of one room, so as to truly achieve the goal of integrating metaphysics and life. The following will be classified by birth season, listing the colors, furniture types and manufacturing materials that match the people born in each season. It is definitely a useful guide in choosing furniture and building materials for the bedroom

in recent years, many furniture stores have used ” Five elements soldiers ” ; As a theme, a three-dimensional furniture is composed of three elements ” mdash; 1. Color, form and material. When choosing furniture that is beneficial to your life style, which element has the most influence

the answer is that color is the most important. Let me know the existence of this furniture at a glance; Then there are materials, which are important elements of furniture; The last is the form, because the form can be changed at any time, which has a weak impact on the Mingge. Therefore, when choosing furniture suitable for you, you can take color first, followed by materials and forms. Of course, you should try to avoid purchasing five elements that have an adverse impact on you

take the life style of the person who makes the most money in the room as the first priority

after knowing the important order of color, material and form, it is necessary to decide who should be the first in a room. The living room is divided into multiple areas. The indicators of shared dining hall and private room are different. If we share the dining room, the selection of furniture or decoration in the area should be based on the life style of the person who makes the most money in the room, because this person has the most impact on the stability of a family’s income. The layout of the room is based on the life style of the most commonly used guests in the room

the following chart can clearly point out the five elements needed by people born in different seasons, and also list the five elements of color, material and shape. Readers can find out the matching from them. Choose more materials of five elements that are consistent with yourself, which can achieve the purpose of focusing on balance in Feng Shui, which is most beneficial to the peace and stability of the house

birth season month of birth (lunar calendar) Mingge attribute five line taboo five lines need five line secondary
Spring January to March Muwang Wood Preferred: Jin Secondary selection: soil
Summer April to June Huowang Fire Preferred: water Secondary selection: Jin
Autumn July to September Jinwang Gold Preferred: Wood Secondary selection: Fire
Winter October to December Shuiwang Water Preferred: Fire Second choice: Wood

the five lines belong to Color material form
Gold White, gold and silver Metal, mirror Round
Wood Green, green Wood and cloth Horizontal and vertical room
Water Blue, gray, purple Wavy pattern
Fire Red, pink, orange Leather, plastic Triangle
Soil Yellow, brown and apricot Stone and glass Square

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