What should I know about Feng Shui in the toilet and kitchen at home

In home feng shui, we all know that the toilet and kitchen are incompatible with water and fire, and incense and fire are mutually exclusive. Feng Shui in the kitchen is a very important area in the home, and it is the place in the home that needs to pay attention to hygiene most. However, the toilet is the place where dirt is hidden in the home, so the toilet and kitchen must pay attention to relevant Feng Shui matters and attention. What should we pay attention to in Feng Shui in the toilet and kitchen in the home? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

explain in detail how to pay attention to Feng Shui in the toilet and kitchen at home

the kitchen is generally not connected with the toilet. In the layout of the home, the toilet itself is a dirty place. If it is opposite to the kitchen, the Feng Shui in the kitchen will be affected, which will damage the Feng Shui in the kitchen, and the disease will enter from the mouth, resulting in the physical impact of the whole family and its adverse health

the general toilet should not be placed and connected with the kitchen. The kitchen is the place to eat and the kitchen is the place to excrete, which are very unlucky directions. The toilet should be placed in the bad position, so the kitchen at home should also be placed in the bad position. It is best to stay away from the bedroom and living room. It is inevitable that it can be improved by using the porch and screen

the kitchen represents the financial treasury of the home, especially the orientation of the stove in the home. If it is opposite to the toilet, it is inevitable to lose money. Moreover, in the layout of the home, the toilet belongs to the place that consumes money and fortune. If it is not properly placed, it will be difficult for the colorful flag in the home to come in, which will make it difficult to keep the money in the home

the kitchen is a place for cooking and cooking every day, which is related to the physical and mental health of the whole family. Therefore, in the layout of the home, the kitchen should have a good feng shui layout. If restrained by the influence of the toilet, it is suggested to put a ” Seven Star Xuanwu Town ” ; To suppress the ferocity of the toilet and prevent the geomantic omen of the toilet from affecting the magnetic field of a home

What are the instructions for the attention of toilets and kitchens at home?

I. kitchen

kitchen belongs to the fire of congenital five elements in home feng shui. Because you have to boil water and cook in the kitchen every day, it is the place with the strongest fire in the house. People can’t live without food. Cooking food every day in the kitchen is the source of our life. In numerology and geomantic omen, it represents the food of wealth and is also in charge of our wealth and blessings to a certain extent. In modern metropolises, with the accelerated pace of people’s life and high pressure of life, coupled with the rising house prices and other factors, some families will choose apartment style housing. There is no kitchen in the house, or they will solve three meals a day outside. They never cook at home, and the owner’s wealth and happiness will be impaired to a certain extent

in addition, the kitchen should be the main place for housewives to work at home. In the congenital gossip, it belongs to separation and represents women. In families that never cook, the master’s marriage and feelings are usually not smooth, and most of them are prone to late marriage. Many married families, because modern professional women pay more and more attention to their appearance, think that cooking in the kitchen is easy to be smoked by oil smoke and damage their skin, so they will stay away from the kitchen. The relationship between husband and wife will be weaker and weaker for a long time, so it will be easier for outsiders to take advantage of it

from the perspective of numerology, some people are born with five elements lack of fire. For example, most people born in winter like fire. These people, both men and women, often cook and cook, which can absorb more fire and use the acquired fire to supplement their congenital deficiencies, which is also very beneficial to improve their luck. For those women who are afraid of oil smoke and stay away from the kitchen, if you are short of fire in the five elements and go to the kitchen to cook more, you can not only promote family harmony, but also adjust your own fortune. When your fortune is improved, your mood will be naturally happy. When you have a happy mood, it will be found inside and outside, and your appearance will naturally improve. The so-called ” From the heart ” ; That’s the truth

from the perspective of Feng Shui pattern layout, the kitchen should be located at the prosperous Qi position in the home. With the help of the fire in the kitchen, the prosperous Qi can be brought into full play, and the prosperous Qi can be transmitted to each member of the family with diet as the medium


some families like to cook in an induction cooker in order to reduce oil fume. The fire power of induction cooker is not real fire, and its power will be much weaker than that of stove

II. Toilet

toilet belongs to the water land of congenital five elements in household Feng Shui, and is the place with the strongest water quality in the house. The main function of the toilet is to wash away the dirty gas and exclude it to the outside. Therefore, the toilet is also the easiest place to hide dirt in the house and the place where the cloudy gas gathers. Therefore, in the Feng Shui layout, the toilet should be set in the air decline side, the air failure side and the air depression side, which is conducive to eliminating the unclean turbidity in the house. If unfortunately, the toilet is located in the prosperous gas side, the owner’s luck is difficult to improve; If it is set in the position of wealth, it is difficult for the master to accumulate wealth, and the situation of money consumption will be more serious

those who like water in the five elements, especially those born in summer, can set up a bathtub in the bathroom and take a bubble bath in their spare time, which has the effect of replenishing water. In addition, people who lack water in the five elements should be responsible for washing clothes at home, which is also a supplement to their own fortune

III. kitchen door and toilet door are opposite

in the process of Feng Shui survey, the author has encountered many houses where the two doors of kitchen and toilet collide. This housing pattern is a very poor Feng Shui pattern. As we said earlier, the kitchen and bathroom respectively represent the water and fire of the innate five elements. The two doors are opposed, forming a Feng Shui pattern of water fire war. Water and fire are located in the South and north of the acquired eight trigrams, which are the acquired representation of yin and Yang. In the family, they represent the male and female masters of the family respectively. Families with such Feng Shui layout often have conflicts between male and female masters, often quarrel over trivial matters, and even lead to the escalation of contradictions and even the breakdown of the family. Therefore, when buying a house, we should try to avoid choosing this type of house

what should we do if we have lived in such a Feng Shui environment and have family conflicts

here is a common method to resolve this unfavorable Feng Shui pattern to a certain extent

between the kitchen and the bathroom, under the common wall, place three pots of green plants, preferably those that are perennial green and do not open bright flowers. Use wood to resolve the problem of water fire war. Water generates wood, wood generates fire, and toss and turn to have love, so the probability of dispute between the male host and the female host will be greatly reduced

why pay attention to the connection between the toilet and the kitchen at home

the toilet is mainly responsible for the problems of blood, kidney, bladder, endocrine and urinary system; It can wash away the filth, hide the filth and accept the dirt. It is water-based and can be used to collect evil spirits and only Yin

kitchen refers to the problems of heart, eyes, skin and blood system. There are many sources of health and wealth; Dry fire Qi ”

Feng Shui taboo

1. The kitchen and bathroom should not be directly opposite to the door or close to each other

2, the bathroom cannot be seen at a glance in the kitchen

3, the toilet cannot be in the middle of the house

4, and the back of the toilet cannot be close to the stove with a partition wall

5. The bathroom door shall not face any door in the house, especially the entrance door

6, the toilet seat direction shall not conflict with the House seat direction (subject to the entrance door direction)

7, the floor level of the toilet should not be higher than that of the living room

1. How to resolve the connection between the toilet and the kitchen

when water and fire are not cured, the foul air of the toilet will be mixed into the kitchen, which will hinder hygiene. Families are prone to many diseases, especially women. The conflict between wind, water and fire in the hall will cause damage to the digestive system and finance. The husband and wife are prone to skin diseases or gastrointestinal sensitivity, myopia, sour eyes, eye diseases or heart diseases, followed by blood, kidney and urinary system diseases

Keep the toilet clean

2. The door of the toilet should be closed and not always open

3, place a curtain

4, eight trigrams mirror or the hanging of five emperors’ money

5, put plants

Second, how to crack the bathroom facing the door

filth is on the head, wealth and wealth are not gathered, which is not conducive to the health of family members


1. Make an invisible door and make the door into a sliding door

2. Hang bead curtain or bamboo curtain in the toilet

3, put the screen between the two doors

4, large leaf plants are placed at the door of the toilet

5, put crystal in the toilet

6, place the open gourd

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