What is the stress of Feng Shui in the decoration of hot pot shop

As a popular folk food, there are many kinds of hot pot delicacies, and many Chinese people often visit hot pot shops. The decoration Feng Shui Design of hot pot shops should start from the reality of different hot pot shops and be measured by architectural style, hot pot grade, geographical location and other factors to attract customers. Generally speaking, hot pot is a cooking method that takes the pot as the appliance, uses the heat source to cook the pot, and conducts heat with water or soup to rinse and cook food. At the same time, it can also refer to the pot used in this cooking method. It is characterized by eating while cooking, or the pot itself has a heat preservation effect. When eating, the food is still steaming and the soup is one

Feng Shui in hotpot shop decoration

safety first in hotpot shop decoration

important links in hotpot shop kitchen decoration layout and hotpot production determine whether it meets the production characteristics of hotpot. For the layout of the kitchen, more consideration should be given to practicability, safety and operability. The area will generally be controlled within 60 square meters. Nowadays, there are more and more kitchen electrical equipment. Considering the safety, it is necessary to be equipped with independent control devices and overload protection devices. The kitchen environment is destined to be a humid and muggy place. Therefore, the wires used in kitchen electrical equipment should have the ability of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, heat resistance and mechanical wear, and should be equipped with brother-in-law lines and circuit breakers accordingly. In addition, in order to ensure that the seasoner can make accurate judgment and seasoning of food color, good lighting and ventilation conditions are necessary. In addition to these functions, it can also improve labor efficiency and effectively reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents

decoration of hotpot shop Feng Shui

1. Hotpot shop shop signboard: the treatment of store signboard is very particular. You can visit ” Picture description ” Such examples can be found on the page. The size, color, material and even words of the signboard are closely related to the owner’s birthday, the Feng Shui pattern of the store and the environment around the store

the hot pot restaurant sitting in the southwest and facing the Northeast becomes ” Kunzhai ” , The hot pot shop is forbidden to be empty. Yellow and log color are the best. While sitting in the northeast, facing the southwest of the hot pot shop, Feng Shui terminology ” Gen House ” , White and coffee are the best colors in the store

sit in the northwest and face the southeast of the hot pot restaurant. Feng Shui terms ” ; Dry house ” , In the decoration design of Kaifeng hot pot shop, the hall needs to be spacious and bright, with white as the main tone, and the bright tone imperceptibly affects the residents’ openness, optimism and wisdom, while the dark tone has the opposite effect. Sitting in the southeast, facing the northwest hot pot shop, Feng Shui terminology ” Xun house, the color scheme in the hot pot shop is based on green, and it is better to decorate with plants with strong green flavor

If a hot pot shop sits East and faces west, it is called ” in Feng Shui terms; Palace ” , The colors of hotpot shops can be matched freely, but the yellow tone is the best. A hot pot shop sitting in the West and facing east, Feng Shui terminology ” Exchange House ” , The hot pot restaurant should be spacious and bright, and white should not be used too much, which will affect the customer source of the hot pot restaurant

a hot pot restaurant sitting in the South and facing north, Feng Shui terminology ” Leave the house ” , The living room is forbidden to be too empty, and the warm color system is the best, such as red, orange and so on. The hot pot shop sitting in the north and facing south is called ” Kanzhai ” ;. The main colors in the decoration of hotpot shop are cold colors, such as green, blue and so on

2. Stove placement in hot pot shop: stove is the key of hot pot shop, and stove placement is the key in Feng Shui, according to Chinese tradition ” Genealogy ” According to, the basic rule of stove placement is: sit evil to good. In other words, the stove should be placed in the evil side, and the switch of the stove should face the auspicious side, which is almost the only rule for stove placement

3. Hot pot shop toilet: the toilet is required to be pressed on the fierce side in Feng Shui, which is relatively simple in treatment. However, if it is a multi-storey hot pot shop, it should be noted that the toilet upstairs should not be pressed on the cashier downstairs, or on the Office, kitchen ” hellip” hellip; Otherwise, there will be many adverse consequences.

4. Placement of fish tanks in hot pot shops: in Feng Shui, fish tanks are used to suppress evil spirits, which means that fish tanks should be placed in the place where they are fierce or facing fierce release. However, at present, many hot pot shops often place fish tanks in the storefront, so the most basic points should be paid attention to:

a. the total height of the water surface in the fish tank should not exceed 1.80 meters, because the water level is too high, there is a disaster of extinction)

B. live water shall be used in the fish tank, and the water shall flow downward from the top layer

C. The fish tank should be placed in the place where it is placed

D. wealth position of hotpot shop: according to Xuankong Feng Shui, it is generally used to fly out of the annual peak wealth position by next to the star method, and then deal with it on Feng Shui. However, the biggest trouble of flying star method is that the wealth position is different every year, even every month or even every day, which brings a lot of inconvenience to users and seems at a loss. According to ” Eight House School ” According to the law, the position of wealth can be determined relatively simply, and the position is at the corner indicated by the diagonal line of the entrance

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