Why is the shoe pad suitable to be placed outside the door

It is easy for ordinary people to ignore the relationship between the shoe pad and the gate, or it seems that it doesn’t matter inside or outside. It is suggested that we should pay attention to these details and deal with them properly, which is beneficial and harmless to the increase of house transportation

the function of the shoe pad is to clean the sole of the shoe, keep the indoor environment clean and tidy, and create a good atmosphere to help the house transportation. If the shoe pad is placed inside the house, the turbidity outside the house contaminated by the sole of the shoe will come into the house, which will hinder the owner’s journey in the long run

in addition, the shoe pad should be cleaned frequently and kept clean, otherwise it is easy to condense turbid gas and breed bacteria. The color of the shoe pad can match the orientation of the gate. For example, if the gate is opened in the south, it belongs to fire. The shoe pad should preferably be yellow, orange or brown. The five elements belong to soil. If fire and soil are born together, it can prosper the house

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