Why shouldn’t there be an aisle in the bedroom

Some bedrooms open the door and have a small aisle. After walking through the aisle, you can see the layout of the whole bedroom. It seems that this can also avoid the anger flowing out of the window too fast. It should be lucky, right? In fact, the Feng Shui in this bedroom is very bad

this small aisle easily changed the shape of the bedroom. Originally, the bedroom was an auspicious square, but now you have a look. In front of the main body of the square, there is a small long aisle, which looks like a kitchen knife. The main body of the bedroom is the blade and the aisle is the handle. Some people think that as long as the handle is in the auspicious position, in fact, it is not. The whole shape of the bedroom is not auspicious, which is easy to attract unlucky aura

Feng Shui believes that this kind of bedroom has committed ” ldquo throwing dagger ” , It has a great impact on the health of the bedroom owner, especially easy to cause the bedroom owner to be scratched by a sharp weapon

solution method: put a pot of evil plants at the intersection of the aisle and the room; Or put a cabinet with Kirin on it; You can also set a bead curtain between the aisle and the bedroom, but if the door is small, setting a bead curtain will affect the exchange of air flow. Of course, the best way is to avoid this situation when choosing a house

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