Several common Feng Shui problems in kitchen decoration

The decoration of the kitchen should not only be neat and generous, but also convenient for our daily practical use and dirt resistance. In addition, the kitchen is a very important area in the home. Therefore, the decoration of the kitchen must also pay attention to Feng Shui. There are several Feng Shui problems in the decoration of the kitchen, which we must pay attention to. What are the common Feng Shui problems in the decoration of the kitchen? Let Fstips explain it one by one for you

several common problems in rural kitchen decoration

1. The house type of kitchen must be square

2. The kitchen should not be set next to the balcony, especially the balcony that falls empty below

3. Do not face the door of the kitchen, otherwise it is easy to open the door and see the stove

4. The kitchen door should not face the toilet door

5. The kitchen door should not face the bedroom door

6. Do not set the kitchen under the stairs

7. The kitchen should not be designed to be open and connected with the dining room and living room

8. The stove should neither back door nor flush the door,

9. The stove should not have beam pressure, angle impact, column impact and road impact

10. The stove should not be unreliable

11. The stove shall not be close to the bedroom wall (especially the side with bed) or the toilet wall (especially the side with toilet)

12. Do not place the stove on the water pipe

13. It is difficult to make a bedroom upstairs in the kitchen

14. Pay attention to the height of the stove. It’s not easy to cook if it’s too high, and it’s difficult to operate if it’s too low. It’s better to be 86-100cm

15. The stove should not be directed to the divine position. The fire stove is disrespectful to the gods, which is easy to cause trouble and misfortune

What are the common Feng Shui problems in kitchen decoration

1. Pay attention to avoid excessive oil smoke in kitchen setting

there is oil smoke in the kitchen, which flows into the bedroom and is fumigated by oil smoke, which is easy to lead to dizziness and irritability of the family, which will affect the health of the body. Therefore, when setting the cabinet, we should consider how to discharge the oil smoke to the greatest extent. There is noise in the kitchen, which will hinder the sleep of the family, so the door and window design of the kitchen should pay attention to effective sound insulation

2. The ground of the kitchen should not be higher than that of the bedroom and living room

the ground of the kitchen should not be higher than that of the living room and bedroom. If the kitchen is higher than that of the bedroom and living room, it is called the superior in Feng Shui. The bedroom is the main, it is called the monarch, and the kitchen is the minister. If the kitchen is higher than the bedroom, the following superior ministers deceive the monarch, the primary and secondary are different, and the kitchen should not be higher than the living room and bedroom

3. The kitchen should not be integrated with the bathroom or opposite the door

in Feng Shui, the kitchen belongs to fire and the bathroom belongs to water. The conflict between water and fire will lead to husband and wife disharmony and family unrest. The toilet is an unclean place with sewage bacteria, which can easily spread to the kitchen

4. Do not see the knife in the kitchen. The knife is sharp and has evil spirit

the knife used should be placed and inserted into the knife base, preferably in the knife base of the kitchen cabinet. Do not expose it casually, otherwise it will easily lead to evil spirit

5. The color of the kitchen should be dark and blue

black and blue are the color of water and gas, which can seriously eliminate the fire of the stove and easily lead to poor house transportation. Generally, light and bright colors, such as white and green, should be used, and deep and heavy colors should be used for the floor of the kitchen

uncover the secrets of the top ten common Feng Shui problems in kitchen decoration

first, the kitchen door is not the right door. If it is true, it will have a great impact on financial luck. As the saying goes: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money

Second, the kitchen door is not right for the bedroom door, which is easy to understand. When frying pepper, avoid the smell from entering the bedroom, which will affect the sleep quality

Third, the kitchen and toilet do not share a door. The kitchen is fire and the toilet is water. Isn’t it that water and fire can’t be tolerated

Fourth, the kitchen floor should be lower than the living room bedroom and not higher, otherwise it will lead to the backflow of money and prevent sewage from flowing into the living room

fifth, the fire is not directly facing the balcony and walkway, and the fire is pressed in the corridor, which is not prosperous

sixth, the fire is not right for the refrigerator and sink. The refrigerator gathers money. It stores food and is water-based. If it is really right for the fire, it will be incompatible with water and fire

seventh, the fire should not be placed under the beam. The so-called beam capping is not only true for the living room, but also for the kitchen

eighth, there should be no window between the stove and the range hood, which symbolizes the loss of wealth

ninth, there should be something behind the stove, preferably a solid wall, which should be relied on

tenth, the kitchen light should be white light, which is more clearly visible, that is, gusset plate light

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