How to avoid the toilet door facing the house door

The door is an indispensable part of home feng shui and has a considerable influence, so it is very important to ensure the normal Feng Shui of the door. And good door Feng Shui can never appear ” Hedging ” ; In other words, if the two doors are opposed to each other, or if the door is in a straight line with the window and balcony, a shock will also be formed. For example, the toilet door should not be opposite to the door of the house, kitchen or bedroom

Feng Shui characteristics of toilet door

analysis of Feng Shui characteristics of toilet door mainly depends on the Feng Shui possessed by the toilet itself. Because the main function of the toilet is to wash and facilitate, it is naturally rich in Yin and moisture. It can be said that the water of the five elements is quite vigorous. Obviously, from the perspective of Feng Shui alone, the toilet can be regarded as the most ferocious position in home feng shui. This makes the door of the toilet often closed rather than wide open

bad feng shui caused by the relative door

the reason why it is said that the door of the toilet and the door of other houses cannot be hedged is that the impact of door hedging on household Feng Shui is very bad. Because the air transportation flows through different doors, if the two doors exist relatively, it means that the air transportation between the houses will form a conflict and affect the Feng Shui stability of the two houses

toilet door hedging affects Feng Shui

it can be seen that door hedging will affect the stability of Feng Shui. In addition, the Feng Shui owned by the toilet itself is too Yin, so when the toilet door is hedged with the doors of other houses, it will form worse Feng Shui. So how to avoid this situation? You can choose to put a screen between the toilet door and other doors, or set a curtain or door god on the toilet door, and the effect is also very good

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