What Feng Shui effect does bedside table lamp have

A lamp at the head of the bed is considered auspicious in Feng Shui. When setting the bed, you can set a pair of bedside lamps, or place desk lamps on the table or cabinet next to the head of the bed. This is mainly for health reasons

people are very vulnerable when they are sleeping, that is, when they are quiet and Yin. At this time, they are most vulnerable to bad luck. For example, the bad breath outside the window is not resolved, or there are unpleasant things at work, which may lead to restless sleep and even nightmares. The desk lamp at the head of the bed can create a safe psychological atmosphere for the owner, which can not only make people sleep at ease, but also dispel the bad breath in time even in case of intrusion

however, the desk lamp at the head of the bed should be set next to the head of the bed, not directly facing the person’s head. In this way, not only the anger of the light will rush to the head, which makes people feel uneasy, but also dazzling, which forms a light evil, which is unlucky and evil. When setting, the desk lamp at the head of the bed can be more flexible, and it is best to adjust the angle

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