Feng shui knowledge of open kitchen decoration

With the pursuit of people’s quality of life and the change of taste, more and more people tend to open kitchen style. First, it is fashionable, but convenient, and open kitchen also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui in decoration; So in Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui common sense of open kitchen decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

Feng Shui common sense of open kitchen decoration

how to see feng shui common sense of open kitchen decoration

Feng Shui I of open kitchen decoration

1 The kitchen style should be unified

the open kitchen should be unified with the overall home environment in terms of material selection, color, elements, style and so on. This is a perfect design concept. Its reasonable design can increase the sense of home space and appear more fashionable and tasteful. The most important thing is that it does not violate the principle of home feng shui

  2. Kitchen doorway should be widened

open kitchen should adopt the way of widening doorway, so that the kitchen has as many contact surfaces with other areas in the home as possible. However, because the proportion of the kitchen in the household area is small, the kitchen should not open multiple doors, multiple beds, and the whole wall of one side of the kitchen should not be removed

decoration Feng Shui of open kitchen II

1. The decoration Feng Shui of open kitchen should not damage the definition of area

in home feng shui, the kitchen is a very important and relatively independent space. In the open kitchen design of general household, many people almost completely design the kitchen and hall as a whole, which is not in line with Feng Shui numerology

Feng Shui numerology holds that the kitchen is wealth, the hall is an official, and the kitchen and the hall are relatively independent ” Wealth begets officials and officials protect wealth ” ; The image indicates that the husband follows the woman and receives both fame and wealth, while the integration of the kitchen and hall is the image of officials discharging and consuming money, indicating the meaning of right and wrong, unable to make ends meet, etc. Therefore, no matter how open the kitchen is, it can not lose its relative independence and let all areas in the home mix together

2. Feng Shui in the decoration of open kitchen should not destroy wealth position

wealth position in home feng shui generally refers to the main wealth position. In fact, in home feng shui, as long as it is a room, there must be wealth position, because the essence of wealth position is the gathering point of room breath, that is, a room without wealth position must not gather gas. Because the kitchen is the master of wealth, intestines and stomach, if the kitchen does not gather gas, the money in the master’s family will not gather, and the people in the family are prone to gastrointestinal diseases

3. Feng Shui in the decoration of open kitchen should not expose the faucet

in Feng Shui numerology, ” Mountain owner Ding Shuizhu wealth ” , Therefore, the faucet is also a symbol of money at home. And ” Stove ” ; Different, the money symbolized by the stove is acquired, while the faucet mainly refers to the source of money, that is, the channel to obtain money

if the faucet is exposed, that is, the faucet is directly facing the door, it indicates that the cost increases and the cost increases in the process of obtaining money. In addition, the faucet goes straight to the door, indicating that the male owner of the home is easy to commit peach blossom

4. Open kitchen decoration Feng Shui avoid exposure stove

no matter from the perspective of real life or home feng shui, stove is an indispensable part of family kitchen, especially in home feng shui, stove is ” Wealth” Health ” ; And Feng Shui numerology generally believes that ” Wealth should be hidden rather than exposed. If it is hidden, it is easy to gather and disperse ”

therefore, in the design of home kitchen, you can’t see the whole or part of the stove at a glance from the doorway, otherwise it is ” The stove is exposed, It indicates that the family is easy to spend money and money. At the same time, it will also have a certain impact on the health of the family. In addition, the stove has the closest relationship with housewives, so the exposure of the stove also indicates that housewives are prone to peach blossom

eight common sense of Feng Shui in open kitchen decoration

1. People have to work and live every day, and eating is the first need. The restaurant is an important area of home life. Therefore, the layout of the restaurant must be scientific and reasonable, because it will produce important energy information for the human body and have a great relationship with the health, marriage and financial luck of the family. Therefore, the restaurant should adopt bright decoration and bright lighting to increase the energy of fire and accumulate Yang Qi. Placing plants here can enhance Yang Qi and wealth

2. Like other rooms, the layout of the restaurant should also be square and upright, and there should be no missing corners or protruding corners. The pattern of rectangle or square is the best and the easiest to decorate

3. The restaurant should be located between the living room and the kitchen, in the center of the house. Such a layout can enhance the harmony of parent-child relationship. The restaurant should not be located directly below the toilet on the upper floor, because the good luck of the restaurant will be limited

4. According to the analysis chart of the nine palaces of the residence, the location of the restaurant is also different. But not directly to the front door or rear door. There are also some structural problems that should be avoided. For example, if it is a building in building design, the restaurant should be located upstairs; The windows on the left and right walls of the restaurant should not be directly opposite, because the air flow will enter from one window and exit from the other window, which is not conducive to the air transportation of the house. Avoid using the space adjacent to the toilet as a restaurant. If it is difficult to avoid, the dining table should be as far away from the toilet as possible

5. Arrange the restaurant into a space with balanced Yin and Yang, but slightly sunny. In order to increase Yang Qi, items belonging to Yin, such as ancestral portraits or antique furniture, had better not be placed in the restaurant. Too much Yin Qi is harmful to family luck. On the other hand, excessive Yang will cause family disharmony

6. Sharp corners and beams and columns will emit evil Qi. Furniture and bonsai should be used to dissolve corners. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid sitting under the beam. If this cannot be avoided, two bamboo Xiao can be hung on the beam with a red rope. The bamboo Xiao is opposite at an angle of 45 degrees and the Xiao mouth is facing down, which can also dissolve evil Qi. Another method is to install elevation lamps, which direct the beam of the house

7. The shape of the dining table has important Feng Shui significance. The dining table should be round or oval to avoid sharp corners. It symbolizes the unity and harmony of the family. If you use a square dining table, you should avoid sitting at the corner of the table to avoid its bad breath

8. When dining at home, you should sit in combination with the corresponding auspicious seat. The seat of the person in charge of livelihood should be towards the angry side. The mother should sit in the direction of prolonging the year, and the children should preferably face the crouching position, which is conducive to Wenchang. If the elders of the family sit in front of the natural medicine, they can maintain their health. Therefore, they choose to eat in an orderly manner, and the family is peaceful and happy

Feng Shui precautions for decoration of open kitchen

open kitchen

modern home kitchens love open design, but it is also easy to cause two Feng Shui problems:

1 The stove is exposed

the old saying goes: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money” ; In Feng Shui, the stove represents the Treasury of the family. The open kitchen will often expose the stove in the HOS, just like the long-term exposure of the cash box, which will damage the overall wealth of the house. Even if their income is good, their ability to accumulate wealth will be weakened and it will be difficult to save. If you really like the design of an open kitchen, remember not to face the door or bedroom. Otherwise, in addition to bad fortune, it is also easy to damage your health, especially those who enter the kitchen. If an open kitchen has been adopted at home, and the position of the stove can not be changed while it is exposed, there are other ways to balance it slightly. For example, most open kitchens are equipped with island designs. You can raise the height of the island so that you won’t see the stove at a glance after stepping into the room. If the height of the island platform cannot be changed, you can also place large leaf potted plants ② on the island platform for a little shelter. If there is enough space near the gate, you can also add screens or place large leaf plants on the porch cabinet to find ways ” Hide the stove ” ; Better. In addition, sharp objects such as knives in open kitchens should also be avoided from being placed where they often sit or lie, otherwise they will also cause bad breath ③

  2. Oil fume smell

open kitchen is easy to cause oil fume problems. If traditional Chinese cooking is mainly used at ordinary times, oil fume is easy to penetrate into all parts of the room. If the situation is too serious, it will also cause ” Weisha ” , Weaken the health of residents. Therefore, before adopting the open kitchen, we should also consider our own cooking style, or use more new oil fume free kitchenware ④, and try to keep the home fresh, so as to balance the disadvantages of the open kitchen

even if the home is a traditional kitchen with independent space, you must pay more attention to your location in the house:

1 The size of the kitchen

the area of the kitchen and the overall HOS should be in proper proportion. The room is small and the kitchen is too large, which not only has a sense of oppression, but also makes it difficult to dredge the anger in the kitchen; The room is big and the kitchen is too small, which makes it difficult to accumulate wealth. In addition, the stove represents the hostess. If there are two kitchens or two clearly separated stoves in a room, it is like having two hostesses, which is easy to lead to extramarital affairs

  2. Avoid in the center of the house

the kitchen is a fire. If it is located in the center of the house, wait like ” Burn the heart, Family health is vulnerable. It’s better to set the kitchen in the auspicious position. If you don’t know the auspicious position without the investigation of metaphysicians, the more appropriate way is to lean against the back of the house

  3. Avoid kitchen and toilet collision or connection

the kitchen belongs to fire and the toilet (bathroom) belongs to water. If the kitchen is opposite to the toilet door, it will become water and fire collision, and residents are prone to skin diseases or gastrointestinal sensitivity. In order to save space, some houses will seal the toilet door adjacent to the kitchen and open a door in the kitchen for access to the toilet, which turns into going through the kitchen before entering the toilet. The kitchen and toilet are connected and share a door for access, which will also form a conflict between water and fire. The foul gas of the toilet will also penetrate into the kitchen, which will hinder hygiene and make families vulnerable to illness. The solution is to keep the toilet door closed, and hang some small potted plants on both sides of the kitchen door or toilet door as a remedy

Interior Design of the kitchen

there are many detailed precautions in the interior of the kitchen. It is even more difficult to make changes after joining the partnership:

1 Avoid the door to the stove or sink

any form of kitchen must avoid the front of the stove or sink facing the door, especially the stove, otherwise not only the outflow of wealth and gas, but also the blood circulation system of residents is particularly prone to problems ⑤. The best solution is to move the stove. If you can’t move it at will due to the limited position, you should close the kitchen door for a long time or add a screen as a remedy

  2. Avoid the conflict between water and fire

the position of the sink in the kitchen should not be relative to the stove, otherwise it will also affect health, especially the hostess’s waist bone is easy to have problems; The sink and stove should not be placed in a flat row, and a certain distance should be maintained. The best placement of sink and stove is L-shaped, which can reduce the chance of gastrointestinal disease in a family. Modern kitchens also have many additional kitchenware, such as ovens, microwave ovens, etc., which are also common

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