Feng Shui of the threshold is exquisite

Chinese traditional houses often set a threshold to prevent wind and sand from blowing into the house and avoid bad luck

Feng Shui has certain regulations on the height of the threshold in order to pursue good luck and avoid bad luck. If there is an open flat land in front of the door, the threshold should be set to five inches high in order to allow the air to gather in the house. If there is a long straight road in front of the door, it is a gun brake. In order to stop the brake, the threshold should be set to 2.6 inches high. If there is no brake in front of the door, set the threshold to one inch and two minutes

the function of the threshold is to surround the air in the house without leakage. If the threshold is not as high as the road outside, and your own atmosphere overflows, you can imagine the result. It must be that your property cannot make ends meet and becomes less and less. If the door of the house is a downward staircase, the threshold should also be raised to avoid the loss of money at home

the threshold is an important part of the gate. The fracture of the threshold is like the fracture of the girder of the house, which is a sign of great evil. Only when the threshold is complete can the house atmosphere be smooth. Therefore, if the threshold is broken, it must be replaced in time to avoid adverse impact on residential Feng Shui

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