How to dissolve the beam column in the living room

1. column

European style is not uncommon in modern furniture. In order to learn from European style, people often install a pair of European style columns at the entrance of the living room to emphasize European style. However, when installing, we should first look at the size of the living room and entrance. If the living room is narrow and the population is narrow, then installing European style columns is bound to make the narrow space more cramped, which is not conducive to the circulation of air

in addition, when the installation of columns is allowed, the use of white columns should be avoided. This is because the white column looks like a white candle, and the white candle is usually associated with death. Inserting it into the entrance of the living room is easy to cause psychological fear and affect the family fortune

1, beams and columns

beams and columns sometimes appear in houses due to architectural reasons. The horizontal is a beam and the vertical is a column. Because these beams and columns play a load-bearing role, even if the location is poor and affects the feng shui of the home, they cannot be removed arbitrarily, but can only be hidden by ingenious methods

if the column is connected to the wall, it can be covered by the placement of the wine cabinet, or the space between the column and the wall can be used to make a display cabinet, which can naturally dissolve the shock. If it is an independent column and is too far away from the wall to connect it with the wall with a cabinet, you can make an article on the column to resolve it

if the living room is large, independent columns can be used as the dividing line, and carpets and stones can be paved on both sides to turn the columns into a natural dividing line to make the appearance more natural

in addition, wooden grooves can also be installed around the column to plant plants that are easy to grow indoors. In order to save space and make the greening of the living room show a three-dimensional effect, the flower trough can be installed in the middle of the column, which is not only beautiful and generous, but also resolves the adverse effects brought by the abrupt column

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