Marriage room feng shui layout should hang concentric knots

Now there are no such ceremonies in many places, but the concentric knot, as an auspicious ornament, can enhance the feelings of couples

concentric knot is usually a knot that weaves a ribbon into a series of palindromes, or a knot like two hearts connected, symbolizing firm love. From the perspective of Feng Shui, hanging concentric knot can advantageously combine the magnetic field on the newly married couple, form a harmonious atmosphere and enhance their feelings

not only that, concentric knot can also promote the fortune of the whole family. As the old saying goes, ” If two people are united, their profit will break the gold” ; If husband and wife are concentric, they can often create their own career and create a happy family

concentric knot is most suitable for hanging on both sides of the head of the bed or on both sides of the dressing mirror. Never use a single knot when using a concentric knot. If one of the concentric knots is broken or lost, it is recommended to remove the other

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