Where is the bookcase? Feng Shui is good

The bookcase must be related to our work and study, but the probability of daily use is still relatively high. Although it looks insignificant, in fact, if the bookcase is placed improperly, it will certainly affect our study and work and have a great impact on personal health. Therefore, if the bookcase is placed incorrectly, Then it’s easy to cause some disease problems

bookcases cannot be placed in cold and humid places

we know that books cannot be affected by moisture, otherwise it is not conducive to the preservation of books, so when placing bookcases, we’d better place them in some dry places in the study or bedroom, and avoid placing them in cold and humid corners, which will easily cause the humidity of books, The position of the cabinet is also easy to rot. if it is seen in a dark place for a long time, it is not conducive to our study, and it will also cause immune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis. These diseases are also very troublesome. Therefore, if the bookcase is placed improperly, it will also directly affect the health problems of residents

height of bookcase

in fact, many people ignore the problem of bookcase height when buying bookcases. The height of bookcases should be determined according to their own height. Bookcases cannot be made too high. If the position of bookcases is too high, it is easy to make people feel oppressive. It is difficult for us to calm down when we see it at ordinary times, It is also easy to make people feel flustered. In the long run, it is certainly not conducive to physical and mental health, which leads to insomnia and anxiety, and it is difficult to stabilize people’s emotions

bookcase can’t match the bathroom

now many bedrooms are equipped with a bathroom, but if you place the bookcase indoors, you should pay attention that you can’t directly face the bookcase to the bathroom. It’s best to keep a distance from the door of the bathroom, otherwise the bookcase will easily absorb some dirty gas in the bathroom, In this way, people are easily affected when working and studying, and even affect people’s health

bookcases cannot be placed in direct sunlight

although we need to read in a place with good light, we’d better not place them in a place with direct sunlight when placing bookcases, which is particularly unfavorable for the collection and preservation of bookcases. Bookcases should be placed on the inside of the left wall, The position of the chair is best, even if it is placed on the right side of the desk, so it will be particularly conducive to the dialogue with the guests

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