How to install electric lights in the bedroom? Feng Shui is good

1. bedroom lamps

the atmosphere of the bedroom should be warm and comfortable, so soft lights should be used to facilitate reading. The light is mainly warm color light, and less cold color light or fluorescent light is used, which is beneficial to the feelings of couples

generally speaking, the color of lamps can be milky white or light yellow. These lamps are close to the color of the light source, making people feel more comfortable. If couples often have disputes, they can choose sky blue lamps, because blue has the function of harmony, which can make people feel peaceful and enjoy warmth

2, there is a chandelier on the bed

in order to add the romantic mood of the bedroom, many people will set a chandelier on the top of the bedroom, but if the chandelier is right above the bed, it is bad for people. When people sleep in bed, they will feel pressed by the light, which is harmful to their health. The solution is to move the bed to a place where the chandelier can’t be pressed, or simply upset the chandelier

3. choose bedroom light

in order to create a warm feeling in the bedroom, the light in the bedroom should be warm and soft, so it is not suitable to use too bright bulbs, and the light color should also be yellow. The lampshade should be round and made of frosted or cloth

for the overall lighting of the bedroom, it is best to shoot from the four corners of the bedroom to the ceiling and use the soft light refracted from the ceiling to illuminate. If the overall light is too dark, the desk lamp should be added to enhance the local lighting effect. Dim light bedroom, even during the day, as long as someone is in, you should turn on the light

4, number of bedroom lights

many families install a pair of wall lights or a pair of desk lamps at both ends of the bed. However, this arrangement represents the two evil spirits, which is harmful to health. The solution is to use a row of lights to illuminate, but the number of lights cannot be two, three, five or nine

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