What’s the best Feng Shui painting you can see when you enter the door

What’s the best Feng Shui painting you can see when you enter the door? The porch is the prologue for entering the home. Hanging a decorative painting at the porch can not only play the role of decoration and beautification, but also let the guests know what kind of person the host is from the decorative painting. Hanging a decorative painting on the porch can also change the role of receiving and gathering gas at the door of the home. Therefore, whether in terms of decorative effect or Feng Shui, the decoration of a calligraphy and painting in the porch plays a great role

the decorative paintings of the porch generally choose the landscape paintings with auspicious meanings. Why did the porch decorative painting choose landscape painting? There is a saying ” Mountain management personnel, water pipes and wealth ” , It means that the family members are healthy, work smoothly and have good fortune. The landscape painting hanging on the porch not only implies auspiciousness, but also promotes the Feng Shui fortune of the home and improves the monotonous environment of the porch. Therefore, a landscape painting will be selected for modern decoration porch. Generally, the decorative painting of the porch will choose the square or vertical decorative painting. Now let’s reveal the mystery of Feng Shui in the porch

as soon as you enter the door, what’s the best painting to see? Landscape painting recommendation 1: open the door and see the red, there are many happy events, and good luck is the first. Landscape painting

this piece of “good luck for thousands of years” has the characteristics of rich color, fullness, bright and exquisite. With its strong visual feeling, it has pushed the heavy color landscape to a new artistic height. In terms of color, she boldly uses red as the representative color she gives her works, forming a strong visual effect, which can better reflect the charm, vividness, natural and unrestrained momentum of the picture, and better unify the whole picture in the image. In the works, the strange peaks are continuous, the clear water is gurgling, and the cliffs are golden red. There is a sense of calm and gorgeous. The complex images are carefully designed by the author, showing a warm tension, containing the painter’s sincere feelings and rich humanistic spirit. Suitable for hanging pictures in porch, living room, corridor, study, restaurant and office

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