Note that these kinds of home feng shui can lead to people’s bad temper

As the saying goes: character determines fate. Some people are gentle in character. You have a stable attitude when dealing with things, and your popularity is relatively good. Therefore, your character and temper are generally not very good. Generally, people with bad temper will give people a feeling of being difficult to get along with, and their luck will be affected. So let’s learn from the perspective of Feng Shui, Maybe some grumpy people have this because of Feng Shui at home

open kitchen

now many young people like European design style and simple and generous design, so they will choose fashionable open kitchen, but after all, Chinese food is different from western food, and Western food generally does not have so much oil smoke, so there is no problem in choosing open kitchen, However, for Chinese food, the use of open kitchen will lead to oil fume, which will rush to the whole home and affect the mood of residents. If the open kitchen is used for a long time, the temper of residents will become grumpy

the house is too small and there are too many windows

lighting is one of the most important items when looking at the feng shui of the house. The light of the house almost determines the Feng Shui aura of the whole family. Many people will think that the stronger the light is, the better, so the more windows in the home is, the better. But if the house is too small and there are too many windows, it will violate the requirements of Feng Shui, It will directly lead to the family’s temper becoming grumpy

the light is too strong

if there are too many windows in the house, the indoor light may also be too strong. The best indoor light is to choose the appropriate one. Too weak and too strong is not very good. If the indoor light is too strong, it will also lead to people’s impetuous mood. Excessive Yang at home will naturally affect the mood and mood of the family, It will also lead to the family’s temper becoming worse and worse, and such a house can’t accept gas, which will certainly affect people’s luck

lack of corner in the house

the problem of lack of corner in the house has been discussed a lot. Originally, being stable in home feng shui is one of the very important Feng Shui matters. If the house is lack of corner, it will certainly affect the living fortune, temper and personality. If a person lives in a house without corner for a long time, Then it will also lead to your character and temper slowly becoming extreme, and your temper will become very grumpy. In fact, the lack of corner waterproof of houses in home feng shui is a very common problem, which will not only affect the temper of the family, but also affect the wealth of the family, and even affect the health of the family

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