What are the taboos in the installation of toilet

The toilet is a very important facility in the toilet. When setting the position of the toilet, it should also comply with certain scientific principles and feng shui principles. There are some taboos about the position of the toilet in the bathroom as follows:

① the toilet can not be directly facing the door of the toilet, and can not be seen at a glance. If you see the toilet at a glance, it is not only unsightly, but also makes the evil spirit generated by the toilet rush out of the door of the toilet, affecting the feng shui of the home. Therefore, the toilet should be set behind the screen and curtain, which has a certain privacy and also blocks the diffusion of the evil spirit

② the toilet cannot be in ” Four main lines; And ” Four corner line ” ; In fact, the so-called ” Four main lines; It refers to the image in the toilet ” Tian ” ; One horizontal and one vertical in the middle of the word, ” Four corner line ” ; Refers to the two diagonals in a square or rectangle

③ the toilet should not be located in the center of the toilet, so as not to give people the feeling of being helpless around. Moreover, a toilet is independent of the center of the toilet, which will also destroy the coordination of the toilet

④ the sitting direction of the toilet can not be consistent with the direction of the door of the house, that is, if the door faces east, the toilet can not face east and should be staggered with the direction of the door, otherwise the family games will be doubly impacted by the evil spirit of the toilet, which is also easy to cause people to suffer from diseases, etc

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