Why should good ventilation be maintained indoors

Feng Shui pays special attention to wind. Whether outdoor or indoor, wind is one of the most important factors in residential Feng Shui. In fact, indoor wind is more important than outdoor wind, because wind mainly affects the living air, and residents spend most of their time in the house. People’s indoor activities affect the indoor environment, which is very different from the outdoor environment

the closeness of the room, the release of carbon dioxide from the human body, and the energy released by household appliances, furniture and equipment will destroy the indoor microenvironment, which is not conducive to human health. This requires the house to have good ventilation conditions, and the indoor and outdoor air can be exchanged. If the wind is fresh, the air will flow in naturally

wind is not always favorable. Unfavorable wind will form & ldquo; Wind evil;, Affect people’s health and transportation. Therefore, the choice of residence must be & ldquo; Watch the wind;, That is, the indoor ventilation is required to be in good condition, the wind will not be too strong, and the wind will not be too weak. There is often fresh air entering the room, which is the requirement of JiZhai for ventilation