What is the orientation of the gate most suitable for raising cats

Pet cats can improve the feng shui of houses, but not all houses are suitable for pet cats. At this time, you can see the orientation of your house. In Feng Shui, orientation is very important. It is not only related to Yin, Yang and five elements, but also related to the Chinese zodiac. Each position represents the Qi number of a zodiac sign. If it is matched with a cat, it is very suitable for raising a cat

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although the cat is not one of the twelve zodiac animals, it is classified as a tiger in Feng Shui, and the earth branch is ” Yin ” ;. In Feng Shui, horses, dogs and pigs sit most closely with tigers. The five elements are fire, earth and water. Therefore, people living in the South welcome the spirit of the zodiac horse, which is very suitable for raising cats; However, if the five acts of fire in the South and wood makes fire, it will absorb the wood gas from pet cats; If the owner’s five elements are also fire, it is not particularly suitable. If the house fire is too strong, it will absorb more wood gas, which may affect the health of the cat

both the northeast and southwest five elements belong to soil. Although it is suitable for raising cats, from the perspective of the five elements, Muke soil may inhibit house transportation; The north is the orientation of the zodiac pig. The five elements are water, matched with the zodiac, water and wood, and the five elements are born together, which is the most beneficial direction for the health of pet cats. It can be seen that the door of the house faces south and North, which is the most favorable for raising cats

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