What Feng Shui problems should we pay attention to when decorating the toilet door

In the process of home decoration, in addition to considering the problems of material health, fair price, beauty and comfort, we also need to pay attention to the problem of Feng Shui. If the Feng Shui in the house is poor, it will be detrimental to the family’s gas transportation. If the luck is damaged, it is estimated that no matter how good the house is, it will not be good

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here we will introduce the Feng Shui problems related to the toilet door during the decoration process

1. Orientation of toilet door: this is very important, because in Feng Shui, it is considered that the toilet is a place to hide dirt in the house, which has a strong sense of filth. Therefore, when decorating, try not to let the toilet door face some important rooms or doors. For example, the door, living room, bedroom, study, etc. are the taboo directions of toilet doors in Feng Shui

2. Size of toilet door: the size of toilet door should be set as small as possible. Here, it is suggested to take the doors of other rooms in the whole house as the standard, and it must not be larger than the doors of any other rooms, especially the door of the house. The door of the house should use the largest size door, while the toilet door should use the smallest size door, so as to reduce the pollution in the toilet into the house

3. Color of toilet door: in Feng Shui, the toilet is also the lower water level of the house, so the color of the toilet door must be as light as possible. The colors of five elements belonging to fire, such as big red and orange, cannot be used. These are the colors of five elements belonging to fire, which will lead to the situation of five elements competing with each other, which is not conducive to residential Feng Shui

of course, in addition to the above contents, there are still many Feng Shui problems that need to be paid attention to about the toilet door. Paying more attention will also be more helpful to the family’s luck

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