Which color should I choose for the side cabinet

Although the side cabinet is not the necessary furniture in the kitchen, placing this kind of furniture in the kitchen can not only facilitate the family’s meals, but also effectively improve the Feng Shui situation in the kitchen. After all, the side cabinet itself also has certain Feng Shui attributes. For example, the side cabinet with different colors can bring different Feng Shui. Therefore, we must pay attention to this when choosing the side cabinet

the influence of color on Feng Shui

the Feng Shui attribute of the dining side cabinet will change due to its different materials. For example, the wooden dining side cabinet is mostly the wood attribute of five elements, while the dining side cabinet made of metal naturally has strong gold of five elements. However, in addition to the material, the color can also bring different five elements, such as green is the wood of the five elements, red is the fire of the five elements, black can be regarded as the water of the five elements, and yellow land of the five elements. In short, from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is necessary to ensure that the five element attributes of the side cabinet are consistent with other furniture in the kitchen

the color needs to conform to the decoration of the kitchen

a good decoration method should be able to combine different colors, especially the theme color of decoration often determines the color of other furniture in the room. For example, if the main decoration color in the kitchen is white, the color of the side cabinet can not be too bright, but should be dominated by cold color or a single color

the color should conform to the fate characteristics of the life master

everyone will have different five element attributes because of the eight characters of his birthday, which will inevitably lead to a significant decline in his personal fortune if Feng Shui in his home collides with his own eight characters and five elements on the five elements. Therefore, the color of the side cabinet must be consistent with the personal eight characters and five lines

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