Is it unlucky for Feng Shui to have an elevator at the door?

The gate of some houses will face the elevator. Generally, Mr. Feng Shui believes that the gate is opposite to the elevator, which will affect financial luck and the situation is unfavorable. No matter how much money you earn, it will soon break. Even if you can save the rest, it will be a drop in the bucket

the elevator is opposite to the gate, which is also called “crime”; Open brake, The main is non winding. In fact, if the elevator is in the prosperous position, it belongs to ” Rush up the priceless treasure of the Music Palace ” , Not evil but good

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the elevator is an endless road in another way. With its rise and fall? This road always disturbs the stability and calmness in front of the door, and the requirement of Feng Shui for door Qi is just to be quiet. Therefore, if the door is facing the elevator, it will certainly affect the harmony in Feng Shui

however, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between good and bad directions, so the gate was rushed by the elevator

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